Freitag, 15. Dezember 2006

Looong time no post

Wow, almost a month has passed since I last posted something. So what's new?

- still loads to do at work, and it won't get any better in January. The afore-mentioned X-mas inferno wasn't so bad cos I had other things to do and someone else stepped in for me. Also, I had a talk with my boss that was very positive. It was kind of official, a sort of evaluation or whatever you call that. It was all good, as I said, and I even managed not to put myself down by saying what I'd critize about myself. Hm, that sentence sounds strange. Whatever.

- more furniture has been delivered to my new apartment. Still haven't moved in yet, though. Will do between Christmas and New Year's, I think.

- haven' t done anything for Christmas. No card written, only one present bought for my best friend. I really want to skip Christmas this year. No sign of snow either, but my colleague says it's supposed to be snowing next week. We'll see.
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