Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2005


Heute abend im Ersten kommt ein Film mit meinem neuen "Liebling" Misel Maticevic. Sehr guter Schauspieler, und total sexy, wie ich finde.
Boss is coming back. Uh-oh.

ETA (= edited to add, but I'm not sure if this is a commonly used abbreviation or if it just exists in the TWoP forums. Ups, ich war ja eigentlich gerade beim Deutsch-Tippen. Jedenfalls kam gestern dieser Film .
Hab ihn bisher erst halb gesehen, weil ich dann zu OC umgeschaltet hab. Hab Maticevic schon in mehreren Filmen gesehen: Das Zimmermädchen und der Millionär (Sat.1), Kalter Frühling (ZDF), Hotte im Paradies (arte/Das Erste), Emilia (Das Erste) usw., und fand ihn in allen Rollen sehr gut und v.a. sehr wandelbar. Und männlich : )

English summary: yesterday I mentioned a film with an actor I really like (name in bold print), today I added some more info and a link to an article with pics of the actor.

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2005

Blog on my mind

As I told a friend earlier today, I almost called this blog "Latest Obssessions" or "Temporary Addictions" or something like that. Now the blog itself is my latest obssession cos last night when I was trying to get to sleep, I was composing new posts in my head. Hope that won't happen every night from now on ... but if it does, it's not so new to me cos I think I've kind of written a mental book before (mental book sounds stupid, I can't remember what it was exactly, maybe some kind of autobiography or so) and I've had imaginary conversations with celebrities in my mind (not only when I'm trying to fall asleep, though). But I guess everybody does that.

Someting totally unrelated: I really like Madonna's new single Hung up. Heard it for the first time on the radio last week on the way home from work. Noticed immediately that she uses a sample of an ABBA song, but it took me almost till the end of the song to figure out which one (Gimme, gimme, gimme). I love ABBA. Me and my sister often listen to our dad's ABBA tapes when we're sitting in the back of his car together. And we sing along loudly.

Und jetzt noch was auf Deutsch: Wolke Hegenbarth ist so nervig. Welcher Idiot besetzt die siet Neuestem dauernd in romantischen TV-Komödien? Ich kann sie echt nicht ertragen und muss abschalten, auch wenn ich den männlichen Hauptdarsteller ganz gut finde. <- That's me venting about a German actress I really dislike. Can't watch a romantic comedy with her even if her male co-star is very cute. One of those films is on TV right now, that's why I'm mentioning this.

Who to tell?

Difficult question, I think. So far, only a small group of American and Canadian girls know about my blog. They (and I) are (former) Baleheads, i.e. fans of British actor Christian Bale. We were all members of his official mailing list at Yahoo! Groups, then started e-mailing and chatting privately and have kept in touch over the course of 5 years. So they’re the ones who know, mainly because 3 of them (AFAIK) keep blogs, too, and one in particular inspired me to start (or was one of the reasons why I started) this blog. (I’d been thinking about starting one for a year or two, had looked at different blog or online diary providers, had thought or read about the pros and cons but in the end – as with so many things in my life – hadn’t taken the decisive step. Decisive step sounds very much like a literal translation from German, but it should be clear what I mean.)

Where was I? Right, who to tell? As I said, so far only my “cyber friends” know about it. I don’t really want to tell anyone who I might be posting about in a way they wouldn’t like cos I think I’ll need this blog to vent about things or people sooner or later. So I can’t tell my sister or my co-workers. But I think I won’t be able to keep it to myself for long. Hm. We’ll see. I’ll definitely not use anybody’s real names when I talk about people I know.

I think I should decide if I want this blog to be a way for me to communicate with my friends, sort of like a substitute for e-mails. I’d just have to tell them about it once. Then if they want to know what’s going on in my life or what I think about this or that, they can read it here and leave a comment or e-mail me if they like. The other option would be to keep it secret so I can vent and say whatever I want about whoever I want. Problem: I want this blog to be both. Ah, well, I guess it’ll all work itself out in a while. Now I sound like Scarlett O’Hara at the end of Gone with the Wind. Hate that character. Read the whole big book, and in old writing where an f looks like an s. (It was an old edition from my grandmother.) Anyway, she says something like “Tomorrow is another day” or “Morgen ist auch noch ein Tag.” at the end of the film and it’s not a solution. But I don't have one now so I'll stop here.

Montag, 24. Oktober 2005

Immer noch irgendwie beim Austesten

So, bin jetzt kurzzeitig von meinem geliebten Opera-Browser zu IE6 gewechselt, um zu sehen, wie das "Verfassen" Fenster hier aussieht. Hm, eigentlich wollte ich die Schriftart und -farbe ändern, ich seh aber keinen Button dafür. Keine Ahnung, vielleicht ist das alles in meiner Vorlage festgelegt. Wenn ich mich bloß an meine HTML-Grundkenntnisse erinnern könnte ...

Test: fett Aha, Tastaturkürzel scheinen zu gehen. Was ist eigentlich ein Blockzitat? Und ist das hier alles ein langes Selbstgespräch? *seufz*

Back to English: On the topic of browsers: I hate IE6 because it has way too little functions and features. I've been using Opera since version 7.0 or even earlier, can't remember for sure. And I like it a lot, especially the tabbed browsing and the e-mail/RSS-client and the skins. I'm sure it's a lot more customizable than I'm aware, but I'm okay with the way mine is. As to Firefox, well, the basic version for me just doesn't have enough features, or at least not the ones I'm used to from Opera. So it'd take me a long time to find all the plug-ins I want, and I'd have to update them at different times etc. etc.

Another thing I wanted to try is adding a hyperlink: Great site for skins. I LOVE skinnable applications, such as Rainlendar or aforementioned Norwegian browser. Also love to change the look of Windows XP with visual styles and wallpapers, and you can get fantastic ones from Deviantart.

Enough posts for day 1. LOST is coming up soon. (Another of the millions of TV drama series I am addicted to. More on that maybe some other day. You have been warned.)

Testing BlogThis!

Wanted to mention a film I watched on DVD on Saturday night: Hidalgo with Viggo Mortensen. Viggo on a horse, what else does a girl need? ;-) No, seriously, I really liked the film based on the life of endurance rider Frank T. Hopkins.

Then last night Sweet Home Alabama was on TV. Saw it already when it was in theatres. Like Reese Witherspoon. Oh, and of course Josh Lucas and Patrick Dempsey. Both so handsome .... Dempsey was so good as Lily's schizophrenic (I think it was that disease) brother in ONCE & AGAIN, one of the best drama series on TV EVER. And Thomas-Nero Wolff did an excellent job with lending him his voice, i.e. dubbing him. Where was I? Right, SHA, cute film.

Also, am in the middle (or almost finished, rather) of watching SECRETARY, a rather strange film with Maggie Gyllenhaal (who looks a lot like her brother, if Jake's her brother, not sure about the way they're related) and James Spader. Terrific performances by both of them, but strange film, kinda Lynch-esque, although the music by Lynch's Haus-und-Hof composer doesn't sound like the music from Twin Peaks. Anyway ... about 5 mins into the film I thought I'd stop watching it, but then I continued and it turned out to be quite good. It's about a masochistic secretary. In the beginning she's auto-aggressive. Jeremy Davies is also in it. He fidgets around the same way he did in Solaris, and maybe also in Million Dollar Hotel, but I don't remember that very well. Both also rather strange films. (Note to self: think of a different word than strange.) In other words: took me several attempts to finish watching Solaris, not just because it was slow and confusing, but also because of a problem with an audio driver on my comp. But George Clooney always looks sooo hot in Steven Soderbergh films, so I did watch it in the end.

It should be clear by now why I've included the words blah blah in my blog name. I like to ramble on and get from one thing to another (vom Hundertsten ins Tausendste, we say in German) without remembering where I started or what my original point was - if there was one at all. Hee. That's me.

BTW, my cold's not better, but I'm determinded to go to work tomorrow and I've got some lemon powder stuff (to pour into a cup of hot water) that hopefully helps. Ich sollte lieber auf deutsch schreiben, wenn ich nicht weiß, wie bestimmte Sachen auf englisch heißen. Ha, und schreibt man Sprachen nicht groß? Na, egal, hab heut schon deutsche Blogs mit schlimmerer Rechtschreibung und Zeichensetzung gesehen ...

Now let's see if my formatting shows ...

Oh, and before I forget it ...

... I don't know how often I'll be able to post in the days and weeks to come. Normally I'm at work at this hour and on weekends I'm only online for about an hour every day. But I probably have to work the 2 coming weekends. So don't worry if there are no new posts for a while.

Also, I was wondering why I don't see the text formatting buttons. It seems that's one of the letdowns of using Opera Browser. Damn. But I love my Opera and don't want to use a different browser.

Opening Statement

Hey there,
I've done it. I guess I can always file it under "stupid things I did when I was home with a severe cold and a headache" if I get bored or nobody cares what I post.

My blog name is pretty self-explanatory, I think. I'll be posting in English and German, therefore BILINGUAL. And it'll be my blah blah.

Okay, enough for now. Just wanna see what this looks like when it's posted.
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