Donnerstag, 15. November 2007

This and that

Changed the look of the blog again. The one before was just too pink. I like the brown but I tweaked the colours a bit. Don't really like the beige / light brown tone of the background at the left and right, but it'll have to do.

Been over to Cissa's blog (link on the right) - hadn't looked at it for a way too long time. Bad cyber-friend, me. Sorry Cissa. I miss you and the other former Baleheads but work and my stupid slow computer / internet connection get in the way (I'm only online for an hour or 2 on the weekend).

What else? Wanted to post a blogthing quiz yesterday but they were all way too stupid. What's your Mexican name? No, thanks.

Weather report: Snow! As I go to work by car, I'm not too enthused. But it looks nice outside with the trees covered in white. Also, German rail is still on strike. If this continues until December 8 I'll be very mad cos I'm going to meet a friend that day and we both already bought our train tickets. (We're meeting in a city sort of in the middle of where we both live.).

New songs: hm, not much I can think of except for Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park.
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