Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2007

Musicovery etc.

This week I read on about the newest development regarding Pandora and international users. Only people with an IP from the US and Canada can now register due to legal restrictions. I had been thinking about getting registered there or at but hadn’t done so yet. Now I’ve been looking for other options and came across (via an article at The website looks a bit like a colourful remote control. You can click in a mood area (the 4 extremes are calm, energetic, dark and positive) or choose decades or genres. If you point at a genre, you can also click somewhere between the 4 moods. I tried it for a while but found it hard to find something that suited my taste. The “stations” that started playing had a lot of unknown songs and/or artists in them. Maybe it would have helped to disable “non Hit”. Ah well, I couldn’t be bothered much longer.

Right now I’m trying (don’t know if it will stop playing after a while when I’m not registered). I entered Robbie Williams and am listening to a mix that includes Queen, Oasis, Keane, Bryan Adams, Anastacia, Alanis Morissette, No Doubt, U2, Green Day, Maroon 5 etc. Nice enough for me. Maybe a bit too mainstream, but what can you expect when you enter Robbie? I would have thought they’d mix in a few lesser known artists. Hm.

Oh, and I also tried a web-only channel offered by a German radio station (RPR 1) that is called New Songs. Yes, I did get new songs, but interrupted by long commercial breaks and news. No thanks.

Another thing I found yesterday is where you enter 3 artists you like and they suggest others you might like. For each artist you can choose between “like”, “don’t like” and “unknown”. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer audio samples. That is even sadder because the results you get include lots of unknown bands (at least to me). But at the end you get a summary with links to Amazon so you might find audio clips there.

So much for my experience with personalized online radio or whatever you want to call it.

As to me:
The weather is really hot at the mo and I don’t like it much.
My fave soccer team is in the national cup final which takes place in Berlin on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed.
I have next week off and will probably go to Leipzig for a day to meet my best friend who I haven’t seen for a year.

As always: must. learn. to. make. links!

Montag, 7. Mai 2007

Sad list

Argh, I still haven't worked out how to make proper links. Anyway, I found this via (in the entertainment section).

My 2 cents:
  • Don't know many of the songs in the list.
  • Of those I do know, I definitely find Hallelujah very cry-worthy.
  • 2 songs that are not in the list but come to my mind when I think of sad songs are River by Joni Mitchell and Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel.
  • More songs are coming to my mind: Time in a bottle by Jim Croce, Seasons in the Sun by ? and Streets of London by Ralph McTell, oh, and one that's not quite that old: The Living Years by Mike & The Mechanics.
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