Donnerstag, 28. September 2006

Back from Mallorca

The long weekend in Mallorca was a lot of fun. The weather was good, we did a bit of shopping, went to 2 different beaches and spent a day in the spa/sauna/pool area of some expensive golf resort / hotel thing. Nice. One night we met a group of guys in a restaurant and the persuaded us to come along to a disco in El Arenal, the infamous party mile of the island. That wasn't as bad as I'd expected, although the DJ completely sucked and played some songs three times in the same night.

I only got 7 hours of sleep in 2 days, so I'm still pretty exhausted and I need much more coffee than usual to keep my eyes open.

The flights there and back were mixed. Take-offs were okay, but when the planes were landing my ears hurt so much it really wasn't funny anymore. Ouch.

Mittwoch, 20. September 2006


Hm, update, or "just quickly", isn't that what I call every other post? Very creative, I know. But this week is crazy so I really can't say much. I'm taking a class this week, one that's hosted by our partner company for or clients. New assistants are always given the opportunity to take part so we see what the company actually does. It's quite interesting, but also very exhausting.

Also, I'll be going on a mini-break, so to speak, from Saturday to Monday. To Mallorca, an island in the Mediterranean that's very popular with German tourists. It's also a company thing, really, i.e. all the assistants go, which means 8 girls. From what I've heard from previous years, they want to drink for 3 days in a row. Not quite my idea of a holiday. We'll see. My guess is I'll be the spoilsport and they'll all hate me afterwards. But at least I have a cold now so I have an excuse to be grumpy. Heh.

Samstag, 9. September 2006

The Pope

Oh cool, the latest version of my beloved Opera browser (9.01) supports the Blogger formatting buttons! Test

Um, yes, topic: as you might have heard, the new Pope is from Germany. Bavaria, more exactly. Where I am from, too, though not the same area. And he's coming for a visit to his home country today. I am Protestant and not very religious and I couldn't care less. But you just can't miss the media coverage of the event. It's everywhere on the radio and TV. Argh. I wish his visit was over already.

What else? I'm looking for an apartment. I'll look at one on Monday after work. It's in the small town or suburb where I work, although I'd rather move to Nürnberg (the city of which the place where I work is a suburb). But the apartment sounded good in the paper so I guess it won't hurt to look at it.
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