Mittwoch, 20. September 2006


Hm, update, or "just quickly", isn't that what I call every other post? Very creative, I know. But this week is crazy so I really can't say much. I'm taking a class this week, one that's hosted by our partner company for or clients. New assistants are always given the opportunity to take part so we see what the company actually does. It's quite interesting, but also very exhausting.

Also, I'll be going on a mini-break, so to speak, from Saturday to Monday. To Mallorca, an island in the Mediterranean that's very popular with German tourists. It's also a company thing, really, i.e. all the assistants go, which means 8 girls. From what I've heard from previous years, they want to drink for 3 days in a row. Not quite my idea of a holiday. We'll see. My guess is I'll be the spoilsport and they'll all hate me afterwards. But at least I have a cold now so I have an excuse to be grumpy. Heh.

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  1. Woah! Mallorca is so beautiful! I went there last year at about the same time of the year and it was so great. It's a great island, if you stay away from the epicentre of the tourism catastrophe El Arenal or whatever it is called. This is close to Palma. The "german HQ" on the island usually is Cala Radjada in the northeast. Actually I liked it there, you can party like hell there.
    But we mainly kept ourself in the southeast of the island around Santany and Cap de ses Salines or went hiking in the countryside. The mountains in the north are also quite cool.
    I'm sure you'll like your stay there. And, BLBBG, try to be as positive as possible! The sun, the sea and the beautiful scenery will do the rest.
    Maybe the occasional ice-cooled drink doesn't hurt even you.

    P.S.: drive carefully (if driving) on the island -- I regularly had heart-attacks with my friend cruising at 100km/h, fiddling around with the radio on those small backcountry roads... :)


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