Montag, 16. August 2010

Milow concert impressions

Last night I went to an open-air concert in Coburg: Terry Hoax (relatively new German rock band, sound a bit like Fury in the Slaughterhouse), Milow and Reamonn. We got there too late for Terry Hoax, but I didn't mind, I only wanted to see Milow basically. The setting was beautiful - the stage was in the middle of a square surrounded by "royal" buildings (a main palace and several other buildings that used to belong to aristocracy) and the weather had gotten better, too. It had been very mixed all day, changing between sun and rain, but by 7 p.m. the sky was blue.

So anyway, Milow started at about 7:20 as planned. He started singing from backstage and played most songs from his album as well as some good new songs - the only one I recall by name is "She might". He even did 4 songs as encore, among them of course "Ayo Technology", "Out of my hands" (as a beautiful duet with his backing singer Nina) and "One of it" as the very last one. Hope I remember everything correctly : )

He's really good live and you can tell that he enjoys it. The band was very good, too - his guitarist got lots of cheers for singing parts of 2 well-known German pops songs. Funny! Maybe Milow should try that, too (his German is quite good anyway) to get more feedback from the crowd. Most people had come for the headliners Reamonn, I guess, so they weren't too enthusiastic when Milow played. Also, Milow's songs are quite ... I don't know ... soft or quiet, so it's maybe normal that the audience isn't singing along or clapping all the time.

After a break, Reamonn started playing. The first 2 songs I didn't know - they were quite "heavy", i.e. not very "radio-friendly". Then they played "Josephine", which is one of the few Reamonn songs I like. The huge problem I had was Rea's voice. Okay on the radio, but live ... um, no. A little later, a couple of songs everybody knew followed, but we left after about 45 minutes into the gig. Walking back to the car, we enjoyed the lovely old town and the many stars in the dark sky. Ha, isn't that romantic? ;-)
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