Samstag, 28. November 2009

General update

I've updated the list of what I'm watching. A couple of seasons ended in the past 2 weeks. Desperate Housewives will be back in January. When there will be new episodes of Chuck and Cold Case, I have no idea. But I've read that 2 shows that premiered this fall in the US will start airing here in January (Wednesdays on Pro7 after Desperate Housewieves): Vampire Diaries from The WB and HawthoRNe from TNT. I'm not that much into vampires (even though the rest of the female world seems to be in love with Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson from the Twilight book/movie series), but I'm always curious about new TV shows so I'll give it a try. HawthorRNE stars Michael Vartan, who was Vaughn in one of my all-time favourite shows Alias, so how could I not watch?!

What else: my best friend and her boyfriend are now completely obsessed with playing FarmVille on Facebook and I guess I am to blame. I still play, too, but I'm getting a bit annoyed with the game because it's so time-consuming and always puts pressure on you to do stuff every 5 minutes. So I guess I prefer casual games like Biotronic which you can play for 5 minutes and you don't have to come back to check if your cranberries are fully grown or your cows need to be milked or whatever.

Speaking of Facebook: my boss has decided we should keep private and business stuff separate on social media networks, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to do that or why. I only have 6 people as friends on Facebook who qualify as clients and they are not really decision-makers at their radio stations so I don't see what harm it does if they see a funny video clip I share or a status update from me. I think what my boss wants to avoid is that we come across as unprofessional like some people who post silly pictures every 5 minutes which makes you wonder if they ever work. I try to stay away from Facebook during working hours anyway so that won't happen. My co-workers seem to disagree with my boss as well cos they said it could improve your relationship with clients if you get to know them better by interacting with them on Facebook. So we'll see how that debate continues.

Other stuff at the office: we're moving in a week from Monday and I'm very nervous. The new building is only about a mile from the one we're in now. But there's still a lot of stuff to pack and to organize. I hope my colleagues/superiors won't leave me all alone on moving day cos they want to work from home and not be bothered with the chaos. I can just see them coming in later to complain that the furniture is not in the right place. Argh. Well, I don't want to be too negative about it. I'll just have to tell myself that everything will work out fine ... *sigh*

The past weeks have been exhausting cos I've basically been working 50 hours a week which is no fun at all. And my skin is worse than ever. I have psoriasis and it's back with a vengeance itching like hell literally from head to toe. And now I'm not even sure if it is psoriasis. My boss keeps saying I should try homoepathy, but I'm not convinced. For now I just hope it'll go away soon and put lotion on the affected areas. Great. I also need to get a couple of wisdom teeth out. I've been putting that off for years. I really need to start looking after myself better. That'll be my first new year's resolution: make doctors' appointments. I love it already. Not. Argh.

What else: my sister is getting married next May to a guy from Milan, Italy. I like him a lot. My family met his family last weekend. His parents seem nice, too.

Ha. Now you know everything that's going on, more or less.

Sonntag, 8. November 2009

All sorts of TV stuff

Uh-oh, long time no post. As I might or might not have mentioned before, Facebook has taken over my life. Now that I've discovered the games you can play on there, I'm spending even more time on the site.

Anyway, I just saw the comment to the post below so I thought I'd reply in a separate post and also add some other stuff.

24: it still is and always has been in real time. Every season has 24 episodes for the 24 hours of one day. It's always about Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) saving the world, more or less. In the previous seasons he was an agent for the CTU (I think that stands for counter terrorist unit) in Los Angeles. There's always some sort of terrorist threat against the USA and especially its president and Bauer tries to stop it by all means. It's all very exciting with many twists and turns and lots of action. I can really recommend the show - even the latest season (7) has gotten better than it was at the beginning.

The Wire: I've heard of it - and only positive things, I think. According to Serienjunkies it's only been on Pay TV in Germany.

The Legend of the Seeker: pretty new on German TV. Based on a series of fantasy novels by Terry Goodkind and shot in New Zealand. I'm not sure how similar the novels are to The Lord of the Rings, but she show does look a bit like a rip-off. I probably wouldn't have started watching it if it wasn't for the beautiful scenery. I enjoyed the pilot, but the other episodes I've seen so far were rather mediocre.

Private Practice: am trying to keep up with the current U.S. season. Very much enjoyed Miranda Bailey's visit to L.A. (she's a regular on Grey's Anatomy, of which PP is a spin-off). Favorite quote: "This place is better than a telenovela". Hehe.

Lipstick Jungle: not the best show ever. Only watch it because Kirby Atwood (Robert Buckley) runs around shirtless most of the time. Pure eye candy. Hee. Oh, and how can you name a character Kirby?? It always makes me think of that fluffy pink or blue thing floating around like a cloud in one of my sister's old NEC games.

That's all for now. : )

No, wait, I forgot something: there's a new TV channel that started this month. zdf_neo. It's digital, but I can watch it via Zattoo on my computer. It shows all sorts of stuff previously unaired in Germany, such as 30 Rock, Spooks, Hustle etc. But they are on at 22:30 on weekdays so either I'm too tired or watching something else. Too bad.
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