Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

Immer dasselbe ...

Hab heute mal 98.8 Kiss FM aus Berlin gehört. Dabei sind mir 2 Sachen aufgefallen:
Wie planet radio aus Frankfurt nennen sie ihr Funkhaus / ihre Räumlichkeiten “Tower”. Klingt ja sooo cool. Was die Musik angeht, sind die beiden sich recht ähnlich. Aber die Moderatoren bei planet sind weniger krass und daher für mich angenehmer/erträglicher (obwohl ich ja altersmäßig schon etwas über die Kernzielgruppe hinaus bin, glaub ich). Jedenfalls war das mein erster Höreindruck.

Und offenbar hat Hitradio N1 hier in Nürnberg sich beim Namen seiner Morningshow von den Berlinern inspirieren lassen (um’s mal höflich auszudrücken). Oder war’s gar andersrum? Kann nicht beurteilen, wer den Begriff „knallwach“ zuerst benutzt hat. Naja. Hätte man sich denken können, dass sowas bei mehr als einem Sender auftaucht. Ist ja bei den meisten Sachen so, z.B. bei diversen Gewinnspielen und Aktionen.

Jetzt hör ich gerade 97.1 AMP Radio aus Los Angeles. Der Aussage einer befreundeten Amerikanerin, dass man in Deutschland musikalisch den USA ein halbes Jahr hinterher hinkt, kann ich beim hören von AMP keinesfalls zustimmen – da laufen genau wie hier (z.B. auf den oben genannten planet und Kiss) dieselben Titel von Lady GaGa, Kid Cudi, Ne-Yo usw.

Was die Frequenz von AMP angeht, mit der ist man ja in Nürnberg und Umgebung bestens vertraut – wegen Gong 97.1, wie N1 ein Sender des Funkhaus Nürnberg – nicht, dass ich ein Riesen-Fan von denen wäre, aber zumindest versorgen sie mich mit vielen Infos und Live-Übertragungen zum 1.FCN und lokalen Verkehrs- und Wettermeldungen.

Zu den US-Radiosendern wollte ich noch sagen: es leuchtet mit nicht ganz ein, wieso manche Streams von Deutschland aus gehen und man auf andere nicht zugreifen darf. In England ist es so ähnlich. Komisch.

Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009

More good music

Seems it's been a good week for good new songs. Some of my current faves:

Noisettes - Don't upset the rhythm. Groovy, although the band name reminds me of chocolate
David Guetta & Kelly Rowland - When love takes over. Catchy dance stuff with a piano that reminds me of Coldplay.
Jack's Mannequin - The resolution. Found this on YouTube. No, wait, I think I saw it in the Swiss Airplay charts. Sounds a bit like The Fray. Check out the live acoustic version here.
Kerli - Walking on Air. A little strange but catchy. She looks like Lady GaGa but her sound is more ... I don't know ... floating or something. Ha, not the best description. Sorry.
Daniel Merriweather - Change. British babyface. Cool song. Reminds me slightly of The Script but it's less melancholy. Is that an adjective? Sigh. Whatever. Groovy, baby! So now I'm quoting Austin Powers. I'm scaring myself. Heh.

I bet my formatting is different once again. Argh. Whatever. Blah.

Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009


As every year in the middle of May, the Eurovision Song Contest took place last night in Moscow. I still think of it as the Grand Prix because it used to be called Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson or something like that. Anyway … I watched it kind of half-heartedly. Norway won. I’d read beforehand that they were expected to do very well and had seen the song online. It was a very clear win. I don’t mind. It’s a sweet catchy song by a young man with a boyish face and a violin. In second place was Iceland. Their song was a heart-wrenching (but not too depressing) ballad by a young lady called Yohanna who looked very pretty with her reddish-blond hair and blue dress. So it seems that this year the crazy stage show was not as popular as the years before which is definitely a good thing. I also liked Portugal’s song which was kind of folkloristic with lots of acoustic instruments such as guitar, percussion and flute and a beautiful melancholy melody. Denmark had a song written by Ronan Keating - BTW, where was Ireland?? Eliminated in the semi-final?? – and sung by a guy called Brinck who sounded very much like Ronan, too. That was almost it with the “normal” songs. Okay, there was GB, too, with a song by Andrew Lloyd Webber who also played the piano during the performance. The singer was a lady called Jade Ewen I think. Great voice. Oh, and France with Patricia Kaas. I love her deep voice but the song wasn’t very catchy.

The rest was crazy dancing and wild rhythms and half-naked people. Or just plain awful songs like ours. The “German” team was made up of producer/DJ Alex Christensen and 2 Americans: musical singer Oscar Loya (who I’ve never heard of before – he was in West Side Story apparently) and strip dancer (although she probably wouldn’t like to be called that) Dita von Teese. Oscar’s outfit consisted of a pair of silver sequin leggings – nobody male or female should ever wear such an atrocity – and a black shirt which he ripped open half way through the song to show off his hairless chest and sixpack. Come to think of it, he looked quite a bit like Barbie Ken. Not the type of man I like. And Dita …. Well, she rode on a black thing in the background which kind of was a mix of a sofa in the shape of a pair of lips and an electric bull. For the first half of the song I thought the Russians had decided to keep her off-camera completely but then she came into the center of the stage and danced next to Oscar in one of her typical black underwear thingies. What a ridiculous attempt to win votes by putting something sexy on stage. But the song … Miss Kiss Kiss Bang. Vomit-inducing, believe me. And totally annoying. To be honest, I though the fact that I hated it meant that our chances weren’t so bad. Glad I was wrong. We ended up fifth from the bottom or something (at number 20 out of 25 countries).

Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

New rockin' tunes

Surprise – I actually like a Reamonn song! It’s the new one Moments Like This. Full of positive energy and very catchy. This and Josephine and Serpentine are the only ones I really like, the rest of their stuff is just kinda lame.

Other new good stuff:
Green Day – Know your enemy. It rocks, that’s why.
Sunrise Avenue – The whole story
Offspring – Kristy are you doing okay. I think they played at Rock im Park last year and looked awful and didn’t sound too good either, but this one’s VERY catchy and not bad. The other new one You’re gonna go far kid is quite good as well.
U2 - Magnificent. Hated Get on your boots, the first single off the new album, but this one is great.

Guess the list needs more formatting. Can't be bothered. Still in the office but about to leave. See ya!
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