Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

New rockin' tunes

Surprise – I actually like a Reamonn song! It’s the new one Moments Like This. Full of positive energy and very catchy. This and Josephine and Serpentine are the only ones I really like, the rest of their stuff is just kinda lame.

Other new good stuff:
Green Day – Know your enemy. It rocks, that’s why.
Sunrise Avenue – The whole story
Offspring – Kristy are you doing okay. I think they played at Rock im Park last year and looked awful and didn’t sound too good either, but this one’s VERY catchy and not bad. The other new one You’re gonna go far kid is quite good as well.
U2 - Magnificent. Hated Get on your boots, the first single off the new album, but this one is great.

Guess the list needs more formatting. Can't be bothered. Still in the office but about to leave. See ya!

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