Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009

More good music

Seems it's been a good week for good new songs. Some of my current faves:

Noisettes - Don't upset the rhythm. Groovy, although the band name reminds me of chocolate
David Guetta & Kelly Rowland - When love takes over. Catchy dance stuff with a piano that reminds me of Coldplay.
Jack's Mannequin - The resolution. Found this on YouTube. No, wait, I think I saw it in the Swiss Airplay charts. Sounds a bit like The Fray. Check out the live acoustic version here.
Kerli - Walking on Air. A little strange but catchy. She looks like Lady GaGa but her sound is more ... I don't know ... floating or something. Ha, not the best description. Sorry.
Daniel Merriweather - Change. British babyface. Cool song. Reminds me slightly of The Script but it's less melancholy. Is that an adjective? Sigh. Whatever. Groovy, baby! So now I'm quoting Austin Powers. I'm scaring myself. Heh.

I bet my formatting is different once again. Argh. Whatever. Blah.

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