Samstag, 22. November 2008

2 fun links

Ha, 3 posts in one day. Must be a new record. Anyway, just found this in the TV section of

If TV shows had truthful titles from Holy Taco, a site I haven't come across before. The first poster is part of the reason why I stopped watching Lost. Ha. (See older post for more.)
Can anybody tell me what the 2nd show is and the one that is now called Dreamjob?

And a site that looks like fun altogether that I hadn't heard of before:
The film pic shown in the 5 must-see films thing is Equilibrium starring Christian Bale (one of my fave actors). I think. Cool.

My new fave TV show canceled : (

A couple of weeks ago, Pushing Daisies started airing in Germany and I was instantly hooked. The show has a unique look - very colourful and fairytale-like - which reminds me very much of Tim Burton's movies. It also has a very likeable cast and a wonderfully old-fashioned romance between the 2 main characters Ned and Chuck (no, they're not gay, Chuck is really called Charlotte).

It's on every Wednesday after Desperate Housewives and the ratings have been good so far - much to my surprise I must admit. I didn't think something so original and quirky would do well.

Then yesterday I read the news that Pushing Daisies will apparently be canceled after the 2nd season. What a pity. I thought it was doing well in the US, but apparently not. Hope the storylines can all be resolved properly (read: I want a happy end for Ned and Chuck!!). My German source for the news is here at DWDL. An English article about the whole thing can be found here.

The ABC cancellations also affect Eli Stone, but that doesn't really bother me. I started watching it but didn't like it much - at least not enough to miss it when season 2 of Heroes started in the same timeslot on another channel here in Germany. I'm pretty sure Pro7, the German channel that airs Eli Stone, won't be too unhappy cos the ratings were pretty bad.

The 3rd show about to end is Dirty Sexy Money. That one hasn't even started airing in Germany yet so I can't say anything about it.

Edited to add: Argh, I just read that the final ep of Pushing Daisies ends with a cliffhanger (because the original plan had included 22 instead of only 13 eps). That is so not funny.


As every year, I'd like to report the first snow. It started yesterday in the late afternoon. And it's almost gone again. Did look quite pretty on my car this morning.

Snow and wind caused my sister's flight to Rome via Zurich to be delayed so she was stuck in Zurich for the night. I kept checking her flights on the airports' websites all evening. My own Friday night thriller. Strange way to spend an evening. Later I acted as her travel agent trying to rearrange her flight back. What a mess. But I guess all that was better than worrying and not knowing what was going on and not being able to help her - which would have been the case without my DSL. Cool.

Sonntag, 16. November 2008

Weekend almost over :(

So ... I ordered a new display yesterday. Got it for a great price. Also by Acer like my Aspire X3200. And I signed up for facebook on Friday. I found more people than I thought I would, mostly my old online friends from the Baleheads days. They're from the US, Canada, Spain and Denmark. Cool. Germans tend to use studiVZ instead I guess. Hm. We'll see who else might pop up again.

Lalalala : )

Edited to add: Yay, links work. The wonders of DSL ....

Freitag, 14. November 2008


DSL is working!! Took me a while to figure out that I had to manually de-activate the WLAN thingy. What's a big manual for if it doesn't tell you that?? After that, suddenly, my access data were accepted. Ha. Cool. So many things to do and see and listen to but so little time ...

Lalalala ... Now I don't know where to go first ... or what to download ... hm ...

Mittwoch, 12. November 2008

DSL update

My router and stuff arrived yesterday. When I openend the box in which the splitter was in, I saw screws and a drilling instruction and panicked a little thinking I'd have to rip my old phone socket out of the wall. Then I opened the router box and the manual and saw that I'd been wrong. Phew. Relief.

DSL is supposed to be available from Saturday on. I noticed that my old Ethernet cable is too short so I need to buy a new one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly. Problem now is that I'm supposed to show up at my parents' place on Sunday. I can already picture myself tapping my fingers, sort of like "Hi, bye, I can't stay ..." hehe. And my sisters wants to go shopping with me on Saturday. Hm. We'll work something out.

Also, I can't decide which display to get. I'd like a 19" widescreen. But I'm not sure which one. My co-workers say Asus displays are good value for money. But there's an Acer model that's cheaper. Argh. I hate that. I can't tell where the differences are anyway.

Replies to 2w10s comment to the post below:
No, I don't know the book you mentioned. Will check it out at Amazon.
And no, I haven't really made any updates since I had Vista. I tried once to update my anti-virus software. Ha. Forget it with dial-up. There's always some update download going on in the background I think. Haven't managed to stop that yet.
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