Samstag, 22. November 2008

My new fave TV show canceled : (

A couple of weeks ago, Pushing Daisies started airing in Germany and I was instantly hooked. The show has a unique look - very colourful and fairytale-like - which reminds me very much of Tim Burton's movies. It also has a very likeable cast and a wonderfully old-fashioned romance between the 2 main characters Ned and Chuck (no, they're not gay, Chuck is really called Charlotte).

It's on every Wednesday after Desperate Housewives and the ratings have been good so far - much to my surprise I must admit. I didn't think something so original and quirky would do well.

Then yesterday I read the news that Pushing Daisies will apparently be canceled after the 2nd season. What a pity. I thought it was doing well in the US, but apparently not. Hope the storylines can all be resolved properly (read: I want a happy end for Ned and Chuck!!). My German source for the news is here at DWDL. An English article about the whole thing can be found here.

The ABC cancellations also affect Eli Stone, but that doesn't really bother me. I started watching it but didn't like it much - at least not enough to miss it when season 2 of Heroes started in the same timeslot on another channel here in Germany. I'm pretty sure Pro7, the German channel that airs Eli Stone, won't be too unhappy cos the ratings were pretty bad.

The 3rd show about to end is Dirty Sexy Money. That one hasn't even started airing in Germany yet so I can't say anything about it.

Edited to add: Argh, I just read that the final ep of Pushing Daisies ends with a cliffhanger (because the original plan had included 22 instead of only 13 eps). That is so not funny.

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