Montag, 24. Oktober 2005

Immer noch irgendwie beim Austesten

So, bin jetzt kurzzeitig von meinem geliebten Opera-Browser zu IE6 gewechselt, um zu sehen, wie das "Verfassen" Fenster hier aussieht. Hm, eigentlich wollte ich die Schriftart und -farbe ändern, ich seh aber keinen Button dafür. Keine Ahnung, vielleicht ist das alles in meiner Vorlage festgelegt. Wenn ich mich bloß an meine HTML-Grundkenntnisse erinnern könnte ...

Test: fett Aha, Tastaturkürzel scheinen zu gehen. Was ist eigentlich ein Blockzitat? Und ist das hier alles ein langes Selbstgespräch? *seufz*

Back to English: On the topic of browsers: I hate IE6 because it has way too little functions and features. I've been using Opera since version 7.0 or even earlier, can't remember for sure. And I like it a lot, especially the tabbed browsing and the e-mail/RSS-client and the skins. I'm sure it's a lot more customizable than I'm aware, but I'm okay with the way mine is. As to Firefox, well, the basic version for me just doesn't have enough features, or at least not the ones I'm used to from Opera. So it'd take me a long time to find all the plug-ins I want, and I'd have to update them at different times etc. etc.

Another thing I wanted to try is adding a hyperlink: Great site for skins. I LOVE skinnable applications, such as Rainlendar or aforementioned Norwegian browser. Also love to change the look of Windows XP with visual styles and wallpapers, and you can get fantastic ones from Deviantart.

Enough posts for day 1. LOST is coming up soon. (Another of the millions of TV drama series I am addicted to. More on that maybe some other day. You have been warned.)


  1. Sonja,
    Your personality is really coming forward in your writing, and I'm glad. We need more blah blah.

  2. My PERSONALITY?! I'm sitting here at work with a big smile on my face after reading your comment. I wonder how I come across in English cos I sometimes think I'm kind of a different person when I write in English. Hm. Strange, that. I guess the mix of English and German that I'm posting in can be confusing, so sorry for that (in advance).
    Blah. Busy day at work, so gotta stop now.

  3. Girl,
    We've been writing back and forth for nearly five years now, so I think I have a handle on how you communicate, and this blog is most definitely YOU. Congrats.


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