Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2005

Blog on my mind

As I told a friend earlier today, I almost called this blog "Latest Obssessions" or "Temporary Addictions" or something like that. Now the blog itself is my latest obssession cos last night when I was trying to get to sleep, I was composing new posts in my head. Hope that won't happen every night from now on ... but if it does, it's not so new to me cos I think I've kind of written a mental book before (mental book sounds stupid, I can't remember what it was exactly, maybe some kind of autobiography or so) and I've had imaginary conversations with celebrities in my mind (not only when I'm trying to fall asleep, though). But I guess everybody does that.

Someting totally unrelated: I really like Madonna's new single Hung up. Heard it for the first time on the radio last week on the way home from work. Noticed immediately that she uses a sample of an ABBA song, but it took me almost till the end of the song to figure out which one (Gimme, gimme, gimme). I love ABBA. Me and my sister often listen to our dad's ABBA tapes when we're sitting in the back of his car together. And we sing along loudly.

Und jetzt noch was auf Deutsch: Wolke Hegenbarth ist so nervig. Welcher Idiot besetzt die siet Neuestem dauernd in romantischen TV-Komödien? Ich kann sie echt nicht ertragen und muss abschalten, auch wenn ich den männlichen Hauptdarsteller ganz gut finde. <- That's me venting about a German actress I really dislike. Can't watch a romantic comedy with her even if her male co-star is very cute. One of those films is on TV right now, that's why I'm mentioning this.

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