Samstag, 19. August 2006

Weird day

On Thursday night the service team aka the back office team aka the assistants went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant. We had a good time and the food tasted good. I was home at about 11.30. But on Friday morning, I felt awful. Stomach ache. I first thought I couldn’t go to work at all, but it got a little better so I went. But the cramps started again so after about 2 hours, I asked my colleagues if it was okay if I went home. There was nothing urgent to be done that day and they saw that I looked even paler than usual, so I could go. At home, I felt a little better, of course, but still very tired and hungry.

But I was well enough to go the soccer match I had tickets for. There was me and my sister and my dad, and my sister’s best friend and her boyfriend joined us later, i.e. they got to the stadium by motorbike while we went by public transport. It was the 2nd match of the season, and the 1st home match. We, i.e. the team (1. FCN, see had won the match the week before 3-0 so we were at the top of the table – a very unusual thing for this club. The atmosphere in the stadium was very good. FCN has the best fans in Germany anyway (that’s what they say, at least, hehe). And we got free flags before the match, sponsored by the team’s beer supplier. Yay. We scored after 5 minutes. More yay. Unfortunately, one of the best players was injured after 20 minutes and after that, the team kind of lost its orientation. They managed to keep the 1-0, though. Even more yay. As we had to catch the train back home, we couldn’t stay in the stadium for long after the end of the match. We were almost squeezed to death on the train back to the central station, but we caught our connection train and didn’t have to wait an hour until midnight for the next one. So that was Friday night.

Nothing major planned for the weekend. I’ll watch Veronica Mars and The O.C. this afternoon and listen to the Robbie Williams concert from Vienna (see other post below) on the radio tonight. Tomorrow I’ll make pizza with my sister for lunch. I hope my stomach’s gonna agree with that.

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  1. hey, that sounds like a lot of fun. i listened to the match on the radio because the friday-night matches are nowhere to be seen in free tv. actually the game was a bit boring, so i read the newspaper most of the time. probably a lot better from within the stadium, i guess.
    i'm trying to get tickets for my local bundesliga club (alemannia aachen), especially when my favourite club (vfl bochum, of course) will be visiting. but getting ticket for alemannia, recently moved up into first league, stadium 18000 places small, is kinda difficult. for one, they sell the tickets on a weekly basis. and then, there were over 15000 "dauerkarten" (i don't try to look that up) sold... you can imagine the other few tickets will be scarce. the match against schalke (today) was sold out in 40 minutes. crazy.
    anyway, hope your stomach is better by now. wouldn't be any stress-related issues? stomachs can be, erm, kinda bitchy. relax more, relax a lot--- an your stomach will be happy to. advice from your doctor... :)

  2. Hi Dr. K :) Back from holiday already? I don't really think my stomach issues are stress-related cos last week wasn't as busy as the ones before with my bosses on holiday.

    As for your ticket-buying problems, couldn't you try to get some for the away fans? Okay, ich mach jetzt auch deutsch weiter, ist sonst zu kompliziert: es gibt doch immer ein Kontingent für die Gastmannschaft, oder? Vielleicht kommt man leichter an Karten, wenn man's über den VfL versucht. Aber was weiß ich schon ... Oh, da fällt mir ein, heut spielt ja Bochum gegen Bayern, hoffentlich kriegen die (also der FCB) ne Packung!!

  3. "Already"? Well, the trip could've been longer for my taste, that is true. But all my friends are terribly busy and had to go home for various reasons. And staying alone? Nah, not the same kind of fun.
    Bundesliga: Bochum lost of course. Not a very promising start. But your "Glubberer" really kickstarted, hm? Not bad, first place! And I hear: most successful start into the season in the club's history. Is that true?

    Thema Karten: ja, es gibt immer ein Auswärtskontingent. Hab auch schon auf der VFL Seite nachgeschaut, da kann man die Auswärstkarten nur "in echt" an der Vorverkaufstelle in BO abholen. Das wär ein wenig umständlich. Ich muss halt auf mein Glück vertrauen und schnell sein. Man kann die Karten ja im WWW kaufen. Muss ich halt schnell klicken... :)

  4. HeyI hope you stomach feels better now, I hate cramps, at least you didn't miss out on the football though as it sounded like a good game


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