Dienstag, 31. Oktober 2006


Didn’t go to work today cos my stomach isn’t quite okay. Have no idea why. Hope it goes away soon. Tomorrow is a holiday and I’ll meet my landlady and get the keys to my apartment. Did I ever mention the apartment? Don’t think so. So, yes, I found one. As I haven’t got any furniture, I can’t move in yet. I spent the past few weekends at furniture shops picking out things. It takes about 6 weeks for them to be delivered. Hope it won’t snow early this year cos then I’ll be having real problems driving to work. October was way too warm here. On Thursday last week it was 25 degrees. My colleagues and I went out for lunch and sat outside to eat. I’m still getting along well with everybody at work. And today is the last day of my 6 months trial period or whatever you call that. But that’s NOT the reason I’m not feeling well. But I so need a couple of days off. I just don’t know when to take them cos we have a huge project in November, a study my bosses have to present on the 21th. We’re getting the data next Monday. And I still haven’t been able to discuss this year’s Christmas presents list with my bosses. Wanted to do that today. Argh. I know, there’s still Thursday and Friday, but one of my bosses won’t be in the office on these days. Sigh. Sorry, I’m babbling.

Anyway, just wanted to say I’ve been busy and therefore haven’t been on the computer very often. (And I'm very sorry for not having read all my favourite blogs lately!) I hate my computer anyway. Stopped loving it when I destroyed all my files by formatting the hard drive. I want to get DSL in my flat but before that, I think I’ll have to let my colleagues look at my system. And buy a DVD (writer) drive because none of my drives is working. I can’t even watch the films a friend copied for me. So annoying. Okay, rambling again. Not interesting. See you, bye!

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