Samstag, 7. April 2007

New mobile

I’ve got a new mobile phone. I always had Nokia mobiles up until now – first the 3210, then the 3310 (handed down to me from my sister), then the …. I can’t remember which model. Something with i at the end. Now my provider offered me 3 different models, all not the latest ones, though, but I picked one. 2 of them were Nokias, the 3rd one was a Motorola Razr V3 in pink, Swarovski edition. This means it’s dark pink and has a heart made of Swarovski crystals (or glass stones or whatever) on the front. I wasn’t sure at first because I’m not one of those type of girls we call Tussis in German. Think Paris Hilton. Lots of pink and kitsch and tacky clothes. But I wanted a mobile that stands out and the colour is not a girly light pink (schweinchenrosa we say in German, a Schweinchen being a piglet or small pig) but a darker shade. So I have a fashion mobile now. And it’s my first Klapphandy, i.e. the display is in the top half and the keys are in the lower half and you fold it in the middle. Ha, great explanation. Sorry. What sucks is that only about 10 numbers from my phone directory showed up when I put the old SIM card in it. Don’t know why that is. And I haven’t worked out how to send MMS. Couldn’t do it with my Nokia before, can’t do it now. Damn.

If I could have gotten any model, I’d probably have picked one of those Sony Ericsson Walkman mobiles, you know, the ones that are also an mp3 player. But the Motorola is okay. It has nice keys. They are flat but a good size. Most of the newer models have tiny keys. I’m not addicted to my mobile anyway. I just send a few text messages to my best friend or make short calls to my sister to say I’ll be late or something.

I think on TV you see a lot of people who use their mobile even if they’re in their apartment or office where they have “normal” landline phones they could use. As far as I know that would be much cheaper, but of course talking on a mobile looks so much cooler, right?

Here's a pic. The colour doesn't really look that bright. And mine has a crystal heart on it, as I said.

P.S.: Still can't post from Opera browser. This sucks big time.

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  1. Hey sweet girl:-)

    Happy Easter, and congrats on your new mobile:-) Still the same mobile number? Hope you had a nice Easter, it has been a busy one in Skanderborg. Been home with my parents for a couple of days, and then I visit a friend in Holstebro. And Saturday and Sunday Michael and I went to parties.

    And tomorrow it's back to school and some busy months ahead-and lots to read.

    Friday my friend Louise comes for a visit, she'll stay here until Saturday.

    Take care and hugs from Anette:-)

    PS Aren't you using MSN anymore? Which account do you use?

  2. Hej Anette!
    Happy belated Easter to you too! So great to hear from you! My mobile number hasn't changed (still the one that starts with +49-174).

    As to MSN and chatting in general, I tried to log in yesterday but my accounts didn't work with Meebo (a website that lets you log in to several chat clients without a special software you have to download). I must check if my MSN account still exists. I'll let you know when I've found out. Miss you!

  3. Hi BLBBG , I also have a Nokia 3210i. Now I moved to a new contract with E-Plus (actually the same contract... don't ask!) but got the new version of the same mobile. Make sure you really store the addressbook entries on the SIM-card! Explicitly. The nokia can store address entries on three different memories: the phone memory, the memory card (that removable 32MB thing inside) and the little SIM card. I learned that in the phone shop, where they treated me like a litte boy... :-)
    You can copy the whole addressbook to the SIM card before you move it so you keep the address book, but you loose multiple-number entries (they end up single with numbers at the end, pretty annoying) and pictures.
    Anyway, happy easter (little late, eh?) and have a nice week!


  4. oops, maybe I mixed up something with the Nokia numbers... I don't have a 3310. Ich Depp.
    But maybe the idea with storing the addresses on the SIM and not in the phone memory was helpful anyway.

  5. Hi, also beim Nokia wüsst ich nicht, dass ich jemals gefragt wurde, wo ich Sachen speichern will. Ich bin davon ausgegangen, dass alles auf der Sim-Karte ist. Was passiert, wenn ich sie jetzt (nachdem ich sie schon im Motorola hatte) wieder ins Nokia tue, keine Ahnung. Doof ist nur, dass ich kein festes Adressbuch hab, sondern immer in postkartengroße Jahrestaschenkalender alles eingetragen hab. Die von den letzten Jahren fliegen alle irgendwo in meiner chaotischen Whg rum. Naja, so tragisch isses auch nicht.
    Hoffe, du hattest schöne Ostern?

  6. Ah, naja, vielleicht geht das nur bei meiner Produktserie. Ich sagte ja bereits, dass ich ziemlich verpeilt die Nümmerchen des Handys verwechselt hab und dachte ich hätte das gleiche wie du.
    In deutsch weiter? OK... ja, hatte sehr nette Ostern, war das ganze Wochenende bei meiner Freundin und wir haben Familien und Freunde (Osterfeuer mit Grillen) abgeklappert. Das ist immer nett aber auch anstrengend. Hab auch viel mit meinem kleinen Neffen gespielt. Prima wars. Nun wieder arbeiten... :-(


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