Sonntag, 24. August 2008

Recap of my week off

Monday: Ikea. Didn't buy much and had a major headache in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Some shopping and a movie. Bought a pair of jeans and a purple v-neck sweater, both from Tom Tailor. Saw Mamma Mia! and liked it a lot. Meryl Streep has a great voice. IMO she sounds a bit like Cher (which normally would be bad because I don't like Cher, but here it worked). The men's attempts at singing were very cute. Never liked Amanda Seyfried in Veronica Mars but here she's really good.

Wednesday: Watched the Olympics. Did some laundry.

Thursday: Bought the Mamma Mia! soundtrack and saw The Dark Knight. Hm. What can I say? It was veeery looooong but Christian Bale looked good. I wasn't blown away. I don't know.

Friday: more Olympics, sadly not with a medal for my fave guy, the German pole-vault athlete Danny Ecker. Some grocery shopping and cooking. Never bought so many fresh vegetables before. Love love love the smell of limes (which are fruit, not vegetables, but anyway ...) Girls' night in with 2 friends.

Edit: I've thought some more about Batman / The Dark Knight: I love Michael Caine as Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. They both have the best lines (in both parts, i.e. Batman Begins and TDK). I love the score (also in both films). I miss the Wayne mansion. I didn't like Maggie Gyllenhaal much. Don't know why. I almost wanted Katie Holmes back. Heath Ledger really is excellent as the Joker.

Okay, this next part might contain spoilers so you've been warned:
The kiss between Bruce and Rachel was lame. Bruce kept one hand in his pocket. I mean, hello?? You're kissing the love of your life, can't you be a bit more passionate??
I kept waiting for Harvey Dent to go bad. I kind of remembered it from the old Batman movies, I think, but I wasn't sure.
It felt a little bit to me like they had put too much story into one film. I don't really know how to explain this. There was just so much, the bad guy from Hongkong (Lao or whatever), the Joker, Dent, it just went on and on. I guess this should be a good thing, but for me it was just a little bit too much instead of focusing on one thing.

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  1. Hey bilingualblahgirl. You watched the olympics? I rdid that too, very extensivly. That pretty much describes 99% of my vacation for the last 3 weeks, since most of the time I spent at my girlfriends place... However she is writing her thesis at the moment, so I hung out and watched olympics while she worked. Great.
    Did you watch ARD/ZDF or Eurosport? I liked Eurosport more, because the commentary was more of my taste, a little more knowledgeable and a little less "patriotic" than on german public television.
    About Batman - The Dark Knight. When I saw the trailer I thought, "wow, I'd like that movie... dark and full of action". Probably qualifies for DVD rental... ;-)
    Oh by the way: I think it is perfectly OK to keep your hand in the pocket while kissing -- as long as it is not your own pocket... :-D

    All the best,

  2. i still wish Katie Holmes had stayed on board as Rachel Dawes for the Dark Knight; it was like the time spent getting familiar with her character in Batman Begins was wasted...

  3. @ 2w10: I mostly watched ARD or ZDF. And it was his own pocket : )

    @ movie_junkie: Thanks for your comment. Well, the Rachel Dawes CHARACTER was still there in TDK, but I think they could have done more with it instead of that same old "torn between 2 men" thing. I like your profile pic and your movie blog looks very interesting.

  4. I totally agree with you about Mamma Mía. It is absolutely funny, and all the actors make a great work. Meryl Streep is simply a goddess. After the film I only wanted to sing and dance with my two friends, hehehe.


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