Montag, 29. November 2010

My fave Android apps

I've been using an Android smartphone for a while (the HTC Hero) and these are some of the apps I have on it. All of them are free.

(Photo from free_programmer)

For music:
SoundHound and Shazam - both recognize the song if you hold the phone in front of a speaker. Doesn't always work, for example if it's background music in a TV show and the dialogue is too loud, but sometimes.

TuneIn Radio - a great radio app - very fast and stable. Must check if you can mark certain stations as favourites.

iAmp - the streaming app from Absolute Radio. I guess it's somewhere in TuneIn Radio too, but I can't find it so it's easier to listen this way.

Angry Birds - of course! Millions of downloads since it was released for Android recently. First the graphics didn't work on the HTC Hero. Rovio released an update, it's better now, but still a bit slow. And I'm not good at hitting the evil pigs with the cute birds. But it's a great game.

Jewels - like Bejeweled Blitz or similar "match 3" games where you have to put 3 gems of the same colour in a line of 3 or more.

Copycat Lite - can't explain it. It's like that 80s toy/game Senso or whatever it was called. You have to repeat a sequence of sounds by tapping coloured buttons or something like that.

Communities / "Check-in-networks":
Gowalla - location based service like Foursquare etc. You can check into places, leave comments or take photos to earn badges. I think it's fun. If I was paranoid, I'd have to be afraid of stalkers, I guess : )

Miso: with this you can check in to the TV shows and movies you are watching and find other people who like the same stuff. Not many German speaking users or shows yet, but we're making progress : ) As with Gowalla, you can get badges.

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