Dienstag, 9. August 2011

Another update on me

It has been decided - because I want to be with my boyfriend all week and not just on the weekends, I'll have to quit my job.

I'm now starting to look for jobs where he lives. First I have to finish writing my own job evaluation or whatever you call that.

I have mixed feelings about it all - it was my own decision, but it's a big step.

I like making lists, so let's see:

Pros about where I live and work now:
- interesting job (sort of in the media, has to do with music etc.)
- casual atmosphere at work
- beautiful city with good infrastructure, cultural events, good for shopping etc.
- close to my parents and sister

Negative things about current situation:
- job annoys me at times
- noise outside my apartment is getting worse and worse
- apartment is too small for 2 people on the weekends
- you can't find a parking space easily close to my apartment
- and most of all, of course, boyfriend is not here
- real estate prices are incredibly high (if we wanted a bigger place)

Pros about moving
- I'll be with my boyfriend
- I don't have many friends here that I would miss
- my boyfriend's friends are nice
- he has a big apartment and something even bigger is also affordable
- not having to drive on the motorway so often (which still scares me although I should be used to it by now)

Negative things about moving:
- having to deal with the whole moving out stuff (moving furniture, packing everything into boxes etc.)
- job search and getting used to new situation
- more snow / longer winters
- not the coolest town, but 2 good places not too far away, and this place here not that far away really either
- new job might be less interesting ... but we'll see

Ha. So do the good things outweigh the bad?? I hope so cos the negative things are mostly temporary.


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