Mittwoch, 1. März 2006

Stupid obsession

I’ve got a really important meeting/appointment thing this afternoon, and what am I doing? Downloading clips from my latest obsession, which is, of course, a tv show. Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve liked Patrick Dempsey ever since he played Lily’s retarded/schizophrenic brother Aaron on the wonderful show Once & Again. He is so handsome … And the show (GA) basically opens with his bare butt, so how could I not be obsessed? Hehe. I’ve even made a wallpaper for my desktop with 3 promo pics of him, although I have no wallpaper-making skills whatsoever, really. It's not just him, though. The show looks good altogether, although I'm not a big fan of hospital shows. I do still watch ER, though. GA is set in Seattle, and I like that. Most shows are in L.A. and it gets boring. Ellen Pompeo, who plays the female lead, is very likeable. Damn, the download keeps stopping ... I want my next clip!! Grrr.

Anyway, I have to drive to this thing later and it snowed last night, of course. About 10 cm, which is about 4 inches. And it’s in a place I haven’t been before so I’m very nervous and just trying not to think about it and my stomach is going crazy and I still haven’t printed the instructions that tell me how to get there … Argh.

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