Montag, 24. Juli 2006

The news in short

Thursday/Friday: I was in Switzerland on a business trip with one of my co-workers/bosses. It was the city of Lucerne, a beautiful place full of rich English-speaking tourists. Our hotel was fabulous. The business thing went okay, as did the car drive.

Saturday: from 11 to 3 I went shopping. I want new glasses and found a nice model. I also found a comfortable and not too bad looking pair of shoes. In the evening I went to a concert by a Christian choir. A co-worker of mine, who plays in the band that accompanied the choir, had invited me. The music was really good although the whole thing was a bit too religious for my taste.

Sunday: computer, TV, heat.

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  2. Just a little edit... oops, that was the wrong button... :)
    Erm, in the lost post above I said I also wanted new glasses. But I find it very difficult to buy new ones because something you have for a long time (favourite shoes, coolest t-shirt ever... etc) is not easily put away.

    Ausserdem: ich hab deinen blog verlinkt, wusste aber nicht so recht was ich in die beschreibung packen sollte. schaus dir doch mal und sag mir ob das ok ist?!

  3. Hi, mit dir englisch zu schreiben, ist irgendwie seltsam. Aber besser, damit meine zahlreichen englischsprachigen Leser (haha) es auch verstehen:

    You're right, and I don't throw anything away easily. I'll definitely keep my old glasses as a backup. That was the whole point, really, cos I was afraid that I'd be totally useless if my glasses broke cos I'm half-blind without them and wouldn't be able to go to work or do anything really.

    Hab dich noch nicht verlinkt, sorry. Kommt noch.


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