Donnerstag, 16. November 2006

Christmas inferno ahead

And I mean both in the office and for me personally. Argh. At work, we have decided on a Christmas card that we’ll send out to our friends and partners (i.e. customers) and the cards are now being printed. I thought they’d arrive next week, but it takes much longer so they won’t arrive before Dec 4. Then we have to sign them and I’ll have to make about 200 address stickers. Yippie. We still haven’t decided on which gingerbread boxes we’re gonna send out. And who will have to put about 60 presents in boxes? No prizes for guessing. I hope it’s all gonna work out somehow. I still haven’t had a vacation in more than 6 months, which is my own fault, really. But I definitely need Monday Dec 11 off because that’s the day when my kitchen will be delivered (to my new apartment). Keep you’re fingers crossed for me.

Anyway, so much for the office part. For the private Christmas thing, I’m pretty clueless. Who to send cards to, which ones and when. Who to give a present and what. Argh. Haven’t been shopping in town for ages and haven’t been to the hairdresser for even longer. That’s what happens when you spend your weekends in furniture shops.

And there’s New Year’s, too. I don’t even want to think about it. My sister has made arrangements for herself, her boyfriend and her best friend and boyfriend. The 4 of them are going to go see some musical if I’m not mistaken. So I’ll basically be stuck with my parents. Hey-oh, how great. New Year’s depression straight ahead. Why do my friends have to live miles away?!

Blah. That’s that, please tune in again for the next fascinating edition of my spectacular life.

P.S.: I signed in with my Google account to switch to the new Blogger beta thing. But at the end of the process it said they'll send an e-mail to Problem is, my address is, not gmail. I sense a disaster. If my blog miraculously disappears, you know why.

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