Freitag, 16. Februar 2007

100th post, yay!

Forgot something: as you all know, Wednesday was Valentine's Day. Couldn't have cared less. But my February Tupperware present was a very kitschy heart-shaped box with a rose on the top. Disgusting.

And I wanted to add a short English summary for the post below:
Have the week off. Bought a rucksack and a CD on Monday. Went shopping for furniture on Tuesday (Found a cupboard for my shoes (or whatever you call that - and no, I'm not a shoe-aholic at all) and a table for the living room. Delivery takes about 7 weeks. Also bought 2 chairs for the kitchen.) Went to have my hair cut on Wednesday. Didn't turn out well. Then went to a big supermarket. Back to my place (after 2 days at my mum's) an Thursday. Am now trying to tidy up (i.e. unpack a couple more boxes) and clean the flat. A skin problem I had some years ago seems to have returned. Thought it was stress-related, but why does it start in my week off?? It's nothing serious, though.

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