Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2007

Good new songs

Here I am again with my own personal song recs:

How far we've come - Matchbox 20: great energetic song, excellent for turning up loud and singing along to in your car.

About you now - Sugababes: Pure pop, very catchy, a good mood song.

La vida es un ratico - Juanes: Not a single release (yet), but the title track of his new album which was released last Friday. Very good album on the whole. There's even a duet with a German singer on it (Campino from the band Die Toten Hosen). Yay.

2 Kommentare:

  1. Woah! Different color! My eyes!
    Ha, just joking. Your blog has a very girl-ish design touch now. But it's ok! I like it.

    Nun, wie geht es denn, abgesehen von den Musikempfehlungen so? Ist im Süden auch der Herbst eingebrochen? Hier ist es soooooooo trüb und herbstlich (what's that in english?). Ganz übel. Gut dass du ein paar farbliche Akzente in dieses grau setzt mit deinem neuen Blog-Design... ;-)


  2. Oh, one more thing... did you realize they added "Branche" (its german in my account) in our Blogger profile? Mine (and yours as well, I see) was automatically set to Branche-Architektur... haha, now that's fun. I'd better be in architecture, might have more money then. Funny eh?


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