Montag, 1. Oktober 2007

Grand Avenue and Jennifer Garner

First thing: just discovered a Danish band called Grand Avenue. Their song "The Outside" was on Bremen Vier (a radio station from Bremen, a town in the north of Germany) and I was almost 100% sure this was the new Coldplay single. Which of course it wasn't. Guess Chris Martin is too busy with his private life (you know, wife Gwyneth and 2 kids). Too bad. Anyway, go check out for some sound bites if you need something if you're on Coldplay withdrawal. Hm, hope that sentence means what I want it to mean. What do you call a Lückenfüller in English? If it was a person, I'd say a rebound guy/girl. Hm. Anyway, they sound very much like Coldplay or Keane. Not that that's bad, but a little bit of your own style is a good thing, too.

Second thing: Jennifer Garner will be live on German TV the coming Saturday! She and Jamie Foxx will be promoting Operation: Kingdom or whatever that film's called. The show they will be on is one of Europe's biggest Saturday night shows Wetten, dass ... All sorts of stars have been there as guests (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Hugh Grant, etc.) before and the show always gets a share of 40% and about 12 million viewers (which is a lot for Germany). It's also broadcast live in Switzerland and Austria. The host is a guy called Thomas Gottschalk. Used to like him a lot but I now think his interviews completely lack any kind of substance. Anyway, I still like Jennifer Garner (I was a huge fan of her show Alias and still enjoy watching it) even though I don't understand what she (or anybody, for that matter) sees in Ben Affleck. She's beautiful and seems like a sweet and fun person. So I'm looking forward to Saturday. Even though I might have to tape the show cos my sister wants to go see the new Pixar film Ratatouille that night.

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