Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2007

The usual blah

First of all, I'd like to reply to 2w10's comment to the post below: As I think I mentioned, I need to use the Germain railway next Saturday. As far as I know, the most recent news was that they wouldn't go on strike again until Dec 3. I really have no idea what I'm gonna do if they start striking again after that. Okay, I do have a car ... but I'm an awful driver. And I paid 50 bucks for the train ticket already.
Christmas ... I don't know. I'm not feeling christmassy yet. But I did bake cookies with my mum yesterday. And I just ordered some stuff from Amazon as presents for a couple of people. But as I'm not feeling good today I'm not in the mood for anything. Oh, but I put a kind of Adventskranz on my living room table. It's not really a Kranz, but a Gesteck with 4 candles that my mum made. It comes in the classic Christmas colours green, gold and red and smells good.

What else? 2 movies are coming up that I'm looking forward to: 3:10 to Yuma (Todeszug nach Yuma) starring Christian Bale. I had heard of it but had no idea it is a Western and starting so soon here! Love CB in turn-of-the-century type movies cos I just like the clothes and think he looks good in it. The other one is Elizabeth part 2 - The golden kingdom or whatever it's called. Saw a picture of Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh in a magazine yesterday. Hot. Both films are opening on Dec 13 in Germany. Speaking of Clive Owen, I watched Derailed on DVD last weekend ... oh boy ... not very enjoyable. Owen plays a quite weak character - a man who is blackmailed by a guy who always wants more -
and that just doesn't go very well with my idea of Clive Owen who to me seems quite strong and masculine etc.
Hm, now I sound as if Clive is a bad actor. That was not my intention. I can't really explain it, it was just a strange film.

Need coffee. Only had decaf this morning. Am tired. Can't form complete sentences. Hehe.

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  1. Hey, hi, thanks for your "official" reply. Well, no strike at the moment. The "big boys" are talking. Starts to get on my nerves though.
    But tell you what? The moment the strikes ended, the Bahn introduced a new electronic Stellwerk (oha, whats that in english? The thing that controls the track switch...) in the area of my town, and since then (a week now) the whole train traffic is notoriously unreliable. 30min are now a very common Verspätung delay. And they can't get it fixed because they don't even know then cause of the problem yet!
    Anyway. Wish you a nice Adventszeit in the next weeks. My institute has the christmas party on the 7th. There will be Schrottwichteln... you know the game? Everyone takes a useless item and wraps it in christmas paper and thats the random present of the day. I have an old 14.4k Modem lying in the shelf -- now thats excellent Schrott, isn`t it?

  2. Bei uns heißt das verschärftes Wichteln oder Ramsch-Wichteln ... ist im Prinzip genau dasselbe. Und man kann jemand anderem das Geschenk abluchsen. Und man zieht nicht vorher den Namen desjenigen, den man beschenkt, sondern schmeißt alles in einen Korb oder so. Das passiert bei der Feier von unserer Partnerfirma am 20. Unsere eigene ist am 12. Ohne Spiele, glaub ich : ) Als Wichtel-Geschenk hab ich beim Hochwasser-Aufräumen bei meiner Mutter 2 total häßliche Kerzen gefunden. Rosa und hellblau, glaub ich. Igitt.

    Dir auch nen schönen Abfend (es gibt da so ein fränkisches Gedicht ... naja, egal ...)

  3. Fränkisches Gedicht? Hmm, ich versteh die Anspielung nicht, lass mal hören!


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