Samstag, 5. Januar 2008

J.J., you've officially LOST me

Short version: I will from now on (we’re somewhere in season 3) not watch LOST anymore. Another channel will start airing new episodes of Without a Trace in the same timeslot so I’ve decided to watch that instead.

Long version: I’m really the most loyal viewer any TV person could ask for. If I start watching a show and I like it, I’ll hardly ever miss an episode. I’ll even keep watching if the quality of a show deteriorates. The first season of LOST blew me away. As a fan of J.J. Abrams’ show ALIAS I had high expectations and wasn’t disappointed. Loved the combination of the things going on on the island after the plane crash and the focus on the different characters by means of flashbacks to their lives before the crash. Loved most of the actors as well. Bought the DVD box. Then season 2 came along and I didn’t like it as much. Can’t even remember why exactly. Michael getting violent and in general the appearance of guns and the increasing violence on the show were certainly part of the reason.
Then there was a long break on German TV cos the ratings had gone down and the channel LOST is on probably didn’t really know what to do with the show. But eventually season 3 started and it all got even worse.

Here are some of the reasons why I don’t like the show anymore:

- I hate the character Ben (kind of the boss of The Others) or maybe it’s the actor. I just can’t bear to look at this guy. You might argue that he plays the villain or creepy guy very well and I can enjoy villains on other shows, but this one … no way.

- The backstories for the characters have stopped making sense because they don’t fit together with what we learned before about a character. Examples: I didn’t buy Jack being completely jealous of his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. I don’t really see how Kate could have been married to a cop. It’s like the writers are just pulling rabbits out of hats. Look, we’ve got another surprise for you viewers! Hahaha. Not funny. The last thing I saw (I was on the phone at the time so I don’t know all the details) was that Claire is Jack’s half-sister. Great.

- The “love triangle” has been drawn out for way too long. Sawyer is hot. Kate fancies him. But she still can’t leave Jack alone because she thinks he’s the better guy and she should be with a good guy and not bad boy Sawyer. Or whatever. Who cares. But unfortunately the show focuses too much on these 3 characters. Yes, they were in the center of it all from the beginning, but before (season 1) it all seemed much more balanced and I really cared for most characters. But when you just see them in the background somewhere it’s hard to keep an interest in them.

- Everything keeps getting weirder. Okay, there was a polar bear in the middle of the jungle in season 1 and I thought it was cool. On one of the last eps I saw, there was a cow and some kind of farm. in the middle of the jungle. I don't know. I'm not saying I want "monster of the week" episodes. I don't mind story arcs that go on for several eps, but on LOST it has simply become too much. You just never get any proper answers and it's frustrating.

Okay, enough reasons. Bottom line: I’ve stopped caring and I won’t spend another Monday night watching that crap.

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