Sonntag, 6. Januar 2008

More TV and music babble

Prison Break Season 1 DVD box:
Have now watched discs 1-3 and the specials on disc 6. Am happy with the box, but there are still a few things I wish they had added:
- Audio commentary from Wentworth Miller. He’s the only actor not doing one, I think. Instead, you get the very monosyllabic Dominic Purcell on more than one episode.
- Outtakes. They were always the best thing about the ALIAS DVDs, mainly because Jennifer Garner was so different from her character Sydney (i.e. clumsy and girlish-giggly) and that was so much fun to watch.
- More deleted scenes. What I most would have loved to see is a longer version of the kiss in episode 19 because it’s edited very strangely in the episode itself.

Oh yes, I’m still very much obsessed with Wentworth Miller. So although I hate dinosaurs I watched Dinotopia on TV last night (both parts were shown back to back) because he was in it. What really confused me was that his brother (played by Tyron Leitso) had his German Prison Break voice (Gerrit Schmidt-Foss, who also dubs Leonardo DiCaprio) while Wentworth had Lex Luthor’s voice (from Smallville, done by Björn Schalla). So when the brothers were in a scene together I always thought it was Went’s character speaking when I heard the Michael Scofield voice. Anyway … I found the whole thing highly amusing. It was all such a fantasy land … the costumes alone made me laugh quite a bit. Oh boy … poor Wentworth … no chance of looking cool in a light green shirt or a beige pilot’s uniform … hehe. But it was interesting to see him in a different part than the one he plays on Prison Break, just for a change.

New songs stuck in my head at the moment:
Bad one: Leona Lewis - Bleeding love. Argh.
Good one: Michael Bublé – Lost. You are not alone, I am here for you … la la la. Like it.

3 Kommentare:

  1. Hallo da und alles gute für 2008!!!
    You have been posting a lot in january, good to hear so much from you!
    I had a veeeeeery relaxing time "in between the years" (do you say that?) and tried very hard to not think of work. On the 31st we had a party with lots of beer and barbeque (hamburgers, yay!), a nice change from all the family and holiday stuff. But at midnight there was so much fog and clouds, we couldn't see any fireworks... :-(
    Anyway. Wish you all the best for 2008!

  2. Servus,
    danke und dir dasselbe!

    Hm, glaub nicht, dass man das sagt wie im Deutschen.

    Funny, it was the same with the fog and the fireworks in Nürnberg. I was in a friend's apartment on the 4th floor and some idiots started the fireworks about half an hour early, so by midnight you couldn't see the steeples of a nearby church anymore.

  3. I love Wentworth Miller! And I can't wait to see a new episode of Prison Break! I didn't know you like it. Cool!


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