Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2008

As always, general update

The past weeks have been a little bit crazy so I haven’t been at the computer much.

So what's been going on:
I had a car accident 2 weeks ago. And it was my fault, at least according to the police. Nobody was injured and the damage my car suffered isn’t big, but still it was no fun and of course the result was that I had a major cry fest that night alone in my apartment. Not pretty. The reason behind it wasn’t really the accident, but it kinda triggered my breakdown. I couldn’t stop crying for hours and my eyes looked completely puffy the next day. Oh boy. And don't ask me to explain why I actually cried because it sounds ridiculous even to myself. Whatever.

I’ve been out more than usual, thanks to a girl from the office that I get along with quite well. We went to a beergarden last Friday and to a cultural event in town called Blaue Nacht (blue night) on Saturday which really wasn’t that cultural. It was more pushing and shoving yourself through the crowds and look at some video/color/light projections in the market square and onto the castle on a hill above town – that was pretty cool.

Coming up is my first rock festival, Rock im Park. We’re all going, i.e. all my co-workers have tickets, too. I want to see Jimmy Eat World tomorrow and Gavin DeGraw, Stereophonics and Manic Street Preachers on Sunday. Oh, and a new guy from Australia called Pete Murray. Never heard of him before. I’m not too keen on any of the bigger/heavier acts such as Motorhead or Rage against the Machine or Kid Rock but I guess Metallica Sunday night is a must – although Germany’s first match at the Euro 2008 soccer championship will be going on at the same time. Dilemma.

Note to self: post something about Go Home Productions and mash-ups in general soon.

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  1. Hey S... bilungualblahblahgirl (that was close!),
    oh my, a car accident. That's bad! The only good thing is, nobody got hurt (especially not you). Did you have to pay a fine or something, because you caused the accident? Does your insurance cover your damage?
    So many questions.
    Anyway, I am quite sure going out a lot and listening to rock-music are the number one choices against bad moods and car-accident related breakdowns. It is probably the best to shrug it off that way. And, never forget, there are always people who care and are willing to help (that is at least my impression of life in general).
    Whoa. Enough philosophy. Now sports!
    So, you are going to miss the first game of the german team because you will be engaged in some seroius metallica-style moshing...? OK, me and my friends we do it the "old way", BBQing and drinking some beer in front of the TV. (Ok, not the BBQ in front of the TV, that would be bad for the air quality inside). I think you can read a lot about EURO2008 games in my blog, I plan to increase my acitivity a bit... ;-)

    So, have fun at the rock festival, do not stage-dive to much (health considerations, you now) und read you soon!


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