Montag, 12. Mai 2008

More music

A couple of new things I'd recommend:

Duffy - Rockferry (album). Although she might be getting a lot of Amy Winehouse comparisons, she's nothing like her. Okay, not quite true. They're both in their 20s and from Britain and have unique voices. But whereas Amy's a mess, Duffy isn't. Also, you shouldn't judge her by the single Mercy alone because for me, the rest of the album sounds completely different, which is good cos I'm not a big fan of Mercy as a song. The first 2 songs on the album (the title track and Warwick Avenue) are much better IMO. Beautiful and dreamy, with a 60s touch. Reminds me of Petula Clark's Downtown somehow. Just lovely.

Sara Bareilles - Love Song: She sounds like Sheryl Crow with a bit more piano or a more cheerful version of Aimee Mann. Nice catchy unannoying song.

What else? Have I ever mentioned that May is my favourite month? At least for now, hehe. The weather's been wonderful for more than a week. Clear blue sky, sun, and the trees are a bright green. And not too hot yet. Yeeha. : )

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