Samstag, 25. Oktober 2008

New music

Music recs

Maria Mena - All this time: Wonderful ballad with uplifting lyrics. Chorus: “All this time you’ve had it in you. You just sometimes need a push.” I can definitely relate to that. Somehow I hear “a little push”, but I think it’s just “push”. Whatevery. Lovely.

Polarkreis 18 – Allein, allein: Another song I can relate to (at least as far as the chorus goes). The verses are in English but I haven’t really paid attention to them yet. The chorus sounds like an anthem.

The Killers – Human: Heard it on British radio about 2 weeks ago. It’s now catching on here as well so it will probably be The Killers’ first song that gets some airplay in Germany. I guess they deserve it.

Sugarplum Fairy – Never thought I’d say that it’s alright: Came across it at work. Hadn’t heard of the band before at all. My friend Wikipedia told me they’re a band from Sweden. There was a pic and I thought, hm, funny, all these Swedish rock bands look so alike. And guess what, a couple of days later I heard on the radio that one of the guys in Sugarplum Fairy is actually the younger brother of one of the singers in Mando Diao. Ha. Guess that’s why his last name (Norén) seemed strangely familiar when I read it on Wikipedia. They sound pretty similar to Mando Diao, too, which might not be very original but it’s okay to me.

Nickelback – Gotta be somebody: Ha, how did they get in here? They normally annoy me cos all songs sound exactly the same. But this new one has got some good energy.

Jordin Sparks – One step at a time: Lovely (urban) pop song. Has not been released as a single here (yet), I think. Very positive vibe. Her other single Tattoo is good as well. Speaking of “urban pop” or whatever you wanna call it, I also like Ne-Yo’s new song Miss Independent. And Chris Brown isn’t too bad either. I’m becoming a planet chick. (That’s a reference to planet radio, a German radio station from Frankfurt that plays a lot of black music.) Still hate everything that’s too much hip hop / rap, such as Flo Rida or Lil Wayne or 50 Cent.

Linkin Park - Leave out all the rest: Sad lyrics. So good it makes me want to cry.

Britney Spears – Womanizer: Listen to it once and it will stick in your head. And not in a good way. Makes me want to puke. Apparently the video is very sexy but I haven’t seen it yet and don’t really need to.

Alicia Keys & Jack White: Another way to die. This is the new Bond theme song. It sounds very much like former Bond theme songs. Couldn’t really care less. The title of the new Bond film sucks as well. At least the German title. It’s so bad that I can’t even remember it now. Oh yeah, my brain’s working excellently righ now ... and no, I didn’t have any alcohol yesterday ... Oh, and did I mention that I’m not into Daniel Craig AT ALL? Don’t understand what everybody sees in him. Okay, he’s got a good body. Pfff. Like that makes him attractive or a good actor.

Sarah Connor – I’ll kiss it away: Song for her kids or something. Lyrics are okay and I guess I could bear it in an unplugged version, but the synth beat they’ve put in it just ruins it.

Computer status update:
The mouse wheel is working now. Don't ask me why. Yippie! And I've managed to set up an internet connection. Still on dial-up so everything is as sloooooow as before. But still better than being offline. Right now I'm trying to update my antivirus software, and some other updates are in process in the background as well though I'm not sure for what. Hm. I don't like that my comp does things I haven't told him to do. Must look into the settings to stop that.

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  1. Woah, new (Vista) Computer an Dial-Up. When I connected my new Vista Notebook to the Internet for the first time it installed HEAPS of updates, which took several minutes to download over DSL.
    Which is also what it is doing on a regular basis, like once a week or so. And I only run updates on the operating system components, since I don't own any other Microsoft-based software.
    So I guess you can expect it to do this more often than you'd like (on dial-up)

    Anyway, good to hear you are back online (even if only in "semi-snail-mode").

    Is there as much rain, wind and leaves on the ground down south as is here in the west?

    Oh, speaking of leaves: have you heared of the book "House of leaves"? Read that lately. Pretty disturbing and mind-boggling, but definitly worth reading (if you can call that reading, with all the mixed up paragraphs and circular-referencing foot-notes...)


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