Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2008

What's new?

Quick update:
I'm trying to buy a new comp. Once I had decided on a model from the 2 a co-worker had suggested, of course it wasn't available anymore (or temporarily out of stack or something like that) at the online shop of my choice.

I'm also trying to pick a DSL provider. Not easy.

I'm getting my hair cut today.

That's it. Over and out.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Hey BlahBlahGirl!
    I hope the haircut style you chose is still available today... :-)
    Haha, I couldn't resist, sorry.
    Anyway, it's good to see you're still around. How is life down in south germany with the summer definitely over? Here everything is full of fallen leaves and looking terribly, hmm, like fall has come. I think I like it however, at least when there is some sunshine. Made some nice pictures of yellow-red trees (I recently bought a new digicam).
    Aww, now I have to go home and try to repair my broken linux system... grrr...


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