Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008

Prison Break season 3

... will start airing in Germany on January 8 - yay! Stupid me could have known that 4 weeks ago if I'd checked Serienjunkies PB page. Ah well, better late than never ... Too bad it's on so late again (11:15 p.m.) again. I need my sleep : (

So ... will I go back to being obsessed with Wentworth Miller? Hm. My new actor crush is Hugh Jackman. Tough competition. Hehe. I'm so looking forward to AUSTRALIA (which will open on Thursday). Hugh is sooo handsome and so cute with his kids. He can ride horses like a real cowboy and can sing and dance. What more could a woman ask for? : )

Okay, time for bed. Gute Nacht, John Boy. Oder so.

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