Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

Jacko etc.

So ... I guess I should say some things about Michael Jackson's death.

When/where did I hear about it: at about 6:40 a.m. on the radio while I was under the shower.

How do I feel about the whole thing? I guess I was surprised, but not particularly moved, so I didn't cry or anything. I remembered that my best friend in kindergarten/elementary school had the Bad album on tape and I borrowed and copied it to one of my many music cassettes.

What do I think about Michael Jackson in general: I definitely appreciate his contribution to music. Lots of great songs. But as a person he just seemed kind of weird. My theory is that it was because of his strict father, due to whom he didn't have a normal childhood. I wasn't a Jacko fan. I never bought any of his albums or singles.

His songs: As I said, I do like his music. It's hard to pick a favourite because there are so many good songs. Dirty Diana was always one I loved and it's getting played on the radio here quite frequently at the moment. I can name 3 that I hate: The Earth Song, Heal the world and You are not alone. So in general I like his older releases more than the recent ones. And I don't think there would have been good stuff to come if he had lived longer.

Now I feel mean and cold-hearted. Hm. But I just know that I was much more shocked by the deaths of Kurt Cobain and River Phoenix in the 90s because they were so young and had a creative future ahead of them.

What else: I've updated the "Stuff I like on TV" section (I know that's not the correct name. Whatever.). Life is taking a summer break. They've interrupted the 2nd season after ep 6 and started from the beginning again. And Without a Trace is back on the air but the order of the eps is messed up. I'm also still watching German telenovela Alisa and have discovered recently that the male lead looks very much like German tennis player Tommy Haas so I've tried to watch as many of his matches in Wimbledon as possible (which wasn't easy because they tended to start in the early afternoon when I was still at work).

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