Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

Facebook is down : (

A couple of hours ago I logged into Facebook briefly at work. I wanted to post something on a newly added friend's wall but got an error message. Then I tried to suggest friends for him but got another error message. I looked up a radio station and clicked on "become a fan". Nothing happened. I gave up, but couldn't even log out properly. Now I'm at home and can't even log in anymore. This sucks. I guess I'm addicted : )

I've been meaning to post some thoughts on Facebook anyway. Can't remember them now. Great. It was something along the lines of "Modern communication is very strange. It's for people like me who are lonely, but need to feel connected. But in the end it just makes you feel even lonelier." Or something like that. Not very uplifting. Sigh. Whatever.

What else:
Robbie Williams announced yesterday that a new single and album will come out in October and November. Yay, can't wait!

Public Enemies (Christian Bale's new movie) opened today in German movie theaters. Don't have anyone to come along. Hm. Still want to see it on the big screen. Must work that out somehow.

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