Montag, 14. September 2009

:: MTV | Robbie Williams - Bodies

When I first heard the song about a week ago, I thought "Oh no, not this Rudebox crap again", but then the "All we've ever wanted" part started and by the end of the song I was convinced that Robbie's greatness still exists : )

:: MTV | Robbie Williams - Bodies

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3 Kommentare:

  1. You are back!
    Honestly, I was a bit concerned, you might have totally lost interest in this "internet".
    Good to see you posting again!

    Oh, and yes: there is a certain greatness in Robbie Williams. How does he do that, I mean, just hit the exact right sound? I like the songs, but I somehow think the guys an asshole at the same time. Maybe you have to be an asshole to be great at anything?

  2. oh, one more comment: your blog has a very cool design. Like it a lot. Especially the Ubuntu-themed About-Box...

    Did you change to Linux finally?

  3. You were concerned? That's sweet! No, I've not lost interest, I've just been more obsessed with Facebook than blogging.

    I still have Windows. The blog theme came from I think.

    Reply to the Robbie stuff will be in my next post.


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