Donnerstag, 8. April 2010

As always ...

... long time no post. I do have a life, you see. At least I've updated my TV watch-list : ) Lots of new shows / new seasons. None I'm totally crazy about, but some quality stuff among them, such as Lie To Me. Still loving The Mentalist and Castle.

As to the casting shows that I used to watch regularly, well, they just suck these days. Have stopped watching the German version of American Idol. Of the 10 finalists, only one can sing. At least he made it to the semi-finals that are coming up this Saturday. And am not enjoying the new season of Germany's Next Topmodel either. I guess I'm getting old - or finally growing up. Ha.

What else? Spring is coming. Took a while to get used to leaving the office when it's not dark yet. Also coming up is my sister's wedding next month. Exciting stuff : ) (No, really!) I have 2 dresses but no shoes.

Blah. Later, gators.

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