Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

TV update - I've had enough of bloody shows

I've just updated my "current TV faves" box on the right side.

True Blood and Dexter have disappeared from it, although they are still airing here in Germany. I just couldn't take them anymore. I guess the fact that I find the opening credits of both shows disgusting should have given me a clue that the shows wouldn't be quite my cup of tea.

I'm not a big fan of vampires (as I've said before), but I liked the novel True Blood is based on (or rather, the first part of the series of books). The first season was good, at least parts of it, but since the storylines with the crazy lady Maryann and the girl Bill was forced to "create", I don't really like it very much anymore. I also don't like that Bill bites Sookie when they have sex. To see their relationship develop in the first season was more interesting (or romantic, I guess).

I also found it very hard to watch when LaFayette and others were held captive (in chains) in the basement of Fangtasia. Or being ripped to pieces by the blonde vampire (who I don't find half as hot as everybody else, it seems).

Then I missed one episode by accident (I taped it, but there was no repeat later at night as the weeks before). I could have watched it online from some site that offers streams, but as it wasn't fun anymore to watch it at all, I stopped.

With Dexter it was similar. Part of the problem there was that I seem to have missed half of season 2 - at least I couldn't remember big parts of the recap shown at the beginning of the season 3 premiere. So I watched the first 2 or 3 eps, but then I lost interest. I think there was a particular scene or storyline that killed it for me, but I can't remember what it was now. Rita being pregnant? Don't know. Also, the show is on very late so I always have to tape it and I sometimes forgot it so I decided to stop watching altogether. I still think it's not a bad show. Just a lot of blood and guts and torture.

Instead, I watch Royal Pains now. It started airing 5 weeks ago and I enjoy it. I've always liked Mark Feuerstein ever since he was a guest star in Once And Again. And the Hamptons are definitely beautiful to look at. So I guess I prefer medical dramedy or whatever you want to call it to dark, violent, bloody vampire/serial killer dramas.

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