Montag, 18. April 2011

Goodbye, Zynga (for the most part)

I think I've managed to beat my games addiction. I'd posted before (in German) about the Zynga games I play on Facebook - Farmville, Cafe World etc. A couple of weeks ago I quit FrontierVille and now also CityVille. The reasons are the same - too many quests and tasks for which too many neighbors are needed. Some of my friends play, too, and I even added some people I don't even know. But I don't want to drag anybody into it who doesn't want to play. And it looks kinda stupid if your whole Facebook wall consists only of game postings, right?

Apart from the pressure to do what the game tells you to do in a given timeframe (sometimes when there are timed quests), playing these games got so time-consuming that it was just too much. Okay, you can click on things when you're on the phone, but it's rude not to give the person you're talking to your full attention.

I must say that in the beginning I liked the quests because they gave the gameplay more purpose, but when it's stuff like "harvest 1000 peanuts" and 1 peanut takes 4 days and you only have so much space on your homestead ... Or you have quests which you can never solve without more neighbours so they stayed there forever ... it was just too annoying.

So now I only play TreasureIsle and ignore the quests there. I'm also trying out some "casual games" like Mahjong or Bejeweled Blitz or Diamond Dash or whatever they are called. But I'm done with the real addiction and I'm glad.

Oh, and I completely blocked the game apps so I don't see postings from former neighbors or game requests. First I tried to not do that so people who still need me as a neighbor could still go to my farm and tend stuff or whatever, but the game requests were too annoying.

Ha. I have a feeling that post isn't very well-structured. Sorry.

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