Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Rock of Ages ... rocks!

Been to the movies last Sunday for the first time in what seems like ages (pun intended). Must have been at least half a year. Anyway, I had seen a TV trailer for Rock of Ages some weeks ago. My first impression wasn't too good, mainly because of Tom Cruise, but then I looked up some details online and found out his part is more a less the parody of a rock star. So I decided I wanted to see the film. (BTW, I had never heard of the Broadway musical. Unlike many other musicals, this one has not found its way onto German stages.)

I loved Rock of Ages from the first minute - and "Motorin'" has been stuck in my head almost non-stop this week. (I know it's not called Motorin', but Sister Christian, but I hadn't heard that song for ages and the motorin' part is catchier than the Sister Christian part. BTW, the band Night Ranger had more great songs, as I later discovered by searching around a bit on the web.)

Back to the movie: we had the whole theater to ourselves! Very strange on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but according to one of my co-workers it was busier 2 or 3 hours earlier when she was there with her 2 little girls for a kids/family movie. This is what the biggest screening room looked like:

I love dark red! And old(-fashioned) movie theaters.

I'm still not talking about the film itself, am I? Okay. I'm not a huge fan of Tom Cruise's, but he is really good in his part as big 80s rock star, like a mix between Axl Rose, Bret Michaels and Steven Tyler (or something like that).

Julianne Hough, who plays young girl Sherrie from Indiana (?) was new to me (haven't seen last year's remake of Footloose), but I couldn't help thinking all the time that she looked like Hayden Panettiere's twin. Don't know if she was styled to look like her on purpose or if the just look very alike. Anyway, I liked Julianne as Sherrie and she has a good singing voice.

I was also distracted by the fact that the female Rolling Stone reporter Constance Sack looked totally like a young Sharon Stone. I couldn't remember the name of the actress, but thought I'd seen her in 27 Dresses as Katherine Heigl's sister. I was right and her name is Malin Akerman. She and Tom Cruise had good chemistry.

Diego Boneta was a new face for me as well. He's good as Drew (Sherrie's love interest). The  boy band with their silly outfits, haircuts, awful band name and dancing routines made me laugh so hard because I'd been a fan of New Kids on the Block in the early 90s.

I can't name every actor individually. It's just a great ensemble cast in my opinion.

The story ... well, we know the focus is on the music, not the story, right? And the songs are so amazing, especially the mash-ups, such as Juke Box Hero and I love Rock'n'Roll.

I had a great time watching Rock of Ages. Everyone who remembers the 80s, likes rock music and doesn't mind watching a musical should go and see this.

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