Sonntag, 2. April 2006

My Saturday

First of all, I’m gonna be more specific about where I’m from cos it’s probably silly to think that someone is gonna come stalking me because of what I write here. I think I said before that I’m from the south of Germany. The town is called Erlangen. It has a population of about 100,000 people and is about 20 miles north of Nürnberg (Nuremberg), which has a population of 500,000. I don’t live in Erlangen itself, but in a smaller place close to it. I work in Nürnberg.

Anyway, I went shopping in Nürnberg with my sister yesterday and bought some nice tops and 3 scarves (sp?). There was this H&M store that my sister didn’t want to go in to. But then we saw the accessories department from the street and went in because I wanted a scarf. It was like heaven for girls. Thousands of necklaces, bags, hats, caps, belts, earrings, hairclips etc. etc. Kind of looked like a 70s hippie market. At least 2 men sat on some steps looking bored. Hehe. Their girlfriends had probably forced them to accompany them to this place. I found 2 scarfs (sp?) and a couple of hair clips.

I also bought the Juanes album cos it was cheaper than at Amazon. (Mi sangre, new version with a couple of songs from the album that came before it, Un dia normal) Love it! And Juanes was on the biggest live TV show (called Wetten, dass...?) last night performing A dios le pido, one of the older songs, and first song that I heard by him on the radio 2 years ago. And there was an interesting article about Juanes in the local newspaper yesterday.

We also got a coffee at the 2nd Starbucks shop in town, one that I hadn’t been to before (cos I haven’t been to Nürnberg for shopping in ages). I had a caramel macchiato and loved it.

I managed not to buy too many cosmetics products, which was very difficult. I'm totally addicted to buying new stuff. Lip balm, small bottles of shampoo or body lotion etc., although I have too much of everything already. I also love handbags, but most of them are so expensive that it's enough to look at them and I don't get too tempted to buy them.

So to sum things up, I had a good Saturday. The weather was nice, too, and the local football team (1. FC Nürnberg) won and aren't in too much danger to be relegated this season (which they usually are).

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  1. any major purchases? or was it just cosmetics, scarves, and music? Just curious

  2. Hm, depends on your definition of major, I guess : ) I think the most expensive item I bought on Saturday was a blouse from a shop/fashion company called Zero for 40 Euros. Link to item:,9,k,0,l,de,n,0,p,6037
    (not the white one, but the olive one).

  3. It's so funny I'm always trying to be careful about what I say just in case I get a stalker, but I'm sure the chances are pretty slim.

    I love H&M clothes they are so cheap and look lovely.


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