Montag, 15. Mai 2006

not MIA, really, but sort of

I feel guilty for not having posted anything new on the weekend. But there just wasn't much to say.
My week looks like this:
get up before 6
go to work
get home at about 7 pm
watch the latest ep of McLeod's Daughters (which I always tape in the afternoons)
watch more drama series, such as The 4400, ER, House, Without a Trace, depending on what day it is.

Sat & Sun
try to catch up with e-mails
surf around
try not to be too mad at my stupid comp (problems with DVDs, mostly)
spend time with my sister, if it's a week where she's not at her boyfriend's
watch TV (big surprise)

Blah. Most interesting post ever. As I said, not much to report, but at least my few dear readers know I'm still here.

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