Sonntag, 4. Juni 2006

I got tagged ...

.. at least I think I did. Anyway, I saw this in Jen's blog and now did it myself.

I AM: sitting at the computer and typing this.
I WANT: all the data back that I lost.
I HATE: lukewarm coffee, stupid music (DJ Bobo, Scooter, etc.), etc.
I MISS: living alone and close to my friends.
I FEAR: screwing up big time in my new job, hitting another deer, etc.
I HEAR: I still burn (song by German Idol 3 winner Tobias Regner) on the radio.
I WONDER: how much longer I'll be able to stand listening to my parents quarreling.
I REGRET: not going to the dentist for years.
I'M NOT: good at making decisions.
I DANCE: in my room to music I like (but not very often).
I SING: along to songs I like very loudly in my car.
I SEE: trees in the garden, and clouds passing by.
I CRY: not that much, but very easily at certain songs or kitschy films.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: careful with my words.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Thomas Kinkade puzzles when I have time.
I WRITE: e-mails and sometimes letters or postcards to my best friend. Oh, and summaries or recaps of every single episode of McLeod's Daughters, my favourite TV show at the moment.
I CONFUSE: people. (Sorry, don't know what to answer here really.)
I NEED: more self-confidence and experience in a lot of things
I SHOULD: sort out the mess and try to find my Windows XP CD.
I START: reading too many books at the same time.
I FINISH: this.

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