Sonntag, 18. Juni 2006

Veronica Mars is addictive!

Remember that my best friend came to visit me shortly after Easter back in April? While she was here we watched an episode of Veronica Mars (VM) on TV (I think it was ep 104). She hadn't seen the show before (it's on at 2 pm on Saturdays, a time when no one but me seems to be home to watch it) but she enjoyed it and when she was back home she managed to find more episodes and she and her boyfriend are really into it now and have seen the complete first season. I have only seen about half of it because the German network ZDF that airs it only shows it once a week, but in Austria or Switzerland it was on every weekday so they got through the season much faster. Anyway, I don't think my friend has been so addicted to a show before. That's normally my part. Okay, she loves other TV shows too, such as 24 or Sex and the City or Lost (also because I showed her the first few episodes on DVD), but I'm the obssessed one who searches for info and photo galleries and clips and wallpapers on the internet. But now it's my friend. And she's become a shipper (without knowing that word, I guess). We talked on the phone a couple of days ago. I said I'd managed to steer clear from any VM spoilers, but we ended up talking about some things I hadn't known before anyway. She didn't say clearly what would happen, it was more like „V gets a new boyfriend“ and I'd guess who it was then. Or I'd say that Veronica's dad is really cool and that it was a pity he broke up with Veronica's teacher and then she'd say he'd find someone new, someone who's been seen before and I'd ask „Not Wallace's mom?!“ and she'd say „Yes!“ and we'd both laugh. We're such fan-girls. But VM is really worth it. Great show. And the dubbed German version is pretty good, actually. I haven't seen many English clips to compare it to, but (Kristen Bell's voice (she's the actress who plays Veronica) sounds more like Manja Doering (who dubs her) than I expected. When I'm used to one voice (either the original one or the dubbed one) it always takes me a while to get used to the other one. With Dawson's Creek, for example, it was like this: I had only seen it in German for a number of years before seeing an English episode and I couldn't get used to how strange Joey Potter (i.e. Katie Holmes) sounded. Okay, enough of that ....

What else is there to say? The weather is still hot and sunny, but I wish it would rain so I won't have to water the garden every few days. Thursday was a holiday and I had Friday off, so it was a very long weekend for me. I didn't do much except for watching lots of football. Last night I saw a really good film: Far from Heaven (German title: Dem Himmel so fern) by director Todd Haynes (who Christian Bale fans will remember as the director of Velvet Goldmine). Julianne Moore got an Oscar nomination for her role. The film is set in Hartford, CT, in the 1950s. She plays housewife (or homemaker or whatever you call that) Kathy Whitaker who has to deal with problems in her oh so perfect marriage (Dennis Quaid plays her husband Frank) and starts spending time with her gardener Raymond (Dennis Haysbert). Of course the predominantly white community doesn't approve of a white woman befriending a man of colour (or whatever the politically correct term is). Etc. etc. The film is kind of an hommage to the melodramas of Douglas Sirk and co. (according to my TV magazine). Very well done, excellent acting, and New England looks beautiful in the fall.

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  1. I have a translation-vocabulary question for you- is Blah Blah Blah the same in English and in German? I was at a French friend's house, and apparently it's almost the same in french-- bla bla blah. Is blah blah blah euro-universal?

  2. Lisa,
    I don't think it would work in every European language cos there are so many different ones. But we do use bla bla (bla) in German for meaningless utterings or whatever you want to call it. As you can see from my spelling, I'd spell it without the h in German.

  3. Hi Jen!
    Sorry, I've been busy at work and completely forgot to check out your blog this week! I hope I succeeded in fixing my comp problems today so maybe I'll be online more often, but maybe not because the soccer world cup is still going on and I try to watch most matches.


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