Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2006


Just quickly (am at work) 3 websites I love and would like to share with you:

Saker som händer (Dinge, die passieren/Things that happen), a Swedish blog with cute little pictures or drawings of funny and not so funny things that happen in Minna’s life in Stockholm. It’s all in Swedish and I don’t understand half of it, but the drawings are still nice to look at.

Surfmusik , a directory of live streams of radio stations (and web TV) from all over the world. I find it much easier to access the streams from there than going via a station’s homepage.

LEO, an online dictionary for German-English and vice versa, and also for German-Spanish and German-French. I use it a lot at work, although I still prefer my hardcover 2 volume PONS dictionary, but that’s at home and not in the office.

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