Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2007

Happy (belated) new year!

Oh how very creative I am with my post titles ….
Anyway, I’ve moved into my own place at last and I love it. The heating wasn’t working properly in the bedroom, though, and I caught a cold, but someone came this morning and fixed it (the heating, not my cold unfortunately). There’s still a lot to unpack, but the TV and VCR are working, which is very important. Haven’t unpacked the computer yet cos I might have to get a new desk cos the old one is probably too big if I put it in the living room. You see, the sofa’s bigger than I thought. There’s room in the bedroom, but I don’t really want to put the desk there. Hm. We’ll see. The only problem at the moment is that the fabric I’ve picked out for the curtains in the living room isn’t available anymore so I have to go and pick out another one, which won’t be easy cos I loved the one I had chosen.
Christmas and New Year’s Eve was good. Nothing spectacular, but okay.
And I went to the movies! I saw The Holiday (German title is Liebe braucht keine Ferien, which means Love doesn't need holidays. Doesn't make much sense, does it?) with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and the so very handsome Jude Law. Loved the film. I thought there wouldn’t be much of a story except for 2 women who’d just dumped their boyfriends swapping homes, but there actually was, which was a very nice surprise. The whole cast was very good. And the cottage in England looked like straight out of a Thomas Kinkade painting.
And Christian Bale's new film The Prestige opens here tomorrow. Am very excited about it. Will try to go see it on Friday or something.
Oh great and now one paragraph looks different than the others. Never try to understand computers, I tell ya ...

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  1. Hi Sonja, I wish you good luck for 2007! Although we don't see each other much these days my thoughts are with you.

    Woah, ich hoffe das war nicht zu pathetisch... :-)

    It's so cool you finally moved in. Do you already feel at home? In the beginning I always had the feeling of being a guest in a new place. But after some time this "ah, at home" feeling comes up whenever you come home in the evening or so. That's when you know you found a good place, hm?

    Did I tell you about that movie "Babel" I saw? Can't remember if we talked since then. Anyway, go watch it if you find time, I was really impressed by the filming and the acting, that was rather high class IMHO.

    One more thing: fire up your computer at home so you can blog on a more regular basis, I've been missing you last months...

  2. Your thoughts are with me kind of sounds like I'm dying or something else very terrible happened! That's not the case, though. But anyway ...

    You're right, at the beginning I felt a bit like i was just visting for some nights, but now I feel at home in my flat, although the chaos bugs me. There's so much still to unpack ... argh.

    My computer ... well first I have to decide which DSL provider would be best. I find all the offers very confusing and internet with my 56k modem sucks big time.

    Babel, hm, I've heard of it, it's with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett I think. But I wanna see The Prestige first.

  3. Hehe, no, I didn't think something terrible happened. Blame it on my bad english... ;-)

    I moved to "beta"-Blogger, so I can comment properly again.

    I saw Prestige yesterday. Nice movie, eh? See my blog for a very brief review, if you like.

  4. Have you seen the prestige yet? I'm waiting for the holiday to come out on DVD

  5. Yeah I've seen it and liked it a lot, but the "twist" was a bit obvious for me. Maybe I'll post some more about it when I get time (which is like "never", hehe).

    The Holiday is definitely on my "wanted DVDs" list, too (if I finally manage to get the player working).


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