Freitag, 26. Januar 2007

What's new, Pussycat?

1) It's become very very cold and it started snowing Tuesday night. Yesterday I didn't go to work by car, not so much because of the situation on the streets, but in my yard where no-one had shoveled the snow away and I thought I wouldn't be able to move my car. Going by public transport was okay. Today there was still as much snow, but I was brave and even managed to turn the car around and drive out of the gate. Yay for me.

2) My sweet little sister wants to go on holiday with me in the spring or early summer - and guess where? Stockholm! I took Swedish at college but have never been to Sweden. I was very surprised when she suggested it cos she normally wants to go to some sunny beach and not to a Northern city. Flights aren't too expensive but I can't decide which travel guide to buy.

3) I'm going to a TupperParty tomorrow. Makes me feel very housewife-y, hehe.

Nice weekend everyone! Over and out. : )

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  1. argh, I posted a comment and managed to delete it. second try?

    @Snow: hm, we had confused birds singing in the morning and flowers starting to bloom. And now: enter winter again.
    Hope it only lasts a week or so. We don't have snow here in the west. I hear down in the "deep south" the situation is "different"...
    Try to see positive aspects, go RODELN (word?) in the afternoon...

    @Tupperparty: ooooooh, people still do organise these? I thought they are 80ies and completely forgotten... hehe... housewife-y allright...

    @Sweden: this is so cool. Can you write me a postcard?

    And: I have a movie recommendation for you: The Fountain! Go see it. Perhaps the best movie I've seen in a long time. Stunning visuals. Great acting and story. Beautiful movie.

  2. Hey there!
    First of all, you haven't replied to my e-mail about The Prestige!!

    And what's with your movie recs? Weren't you praising Babel 2 weeks ago? So it can't be that long since you've seen a great movie, right? I've heard of The Fountain, Hugh Jackman is in it, too, I think.

    Sweden: If everything works out and I really go there, of course I'll send you a postcard (if I have your address by then)!

    The weather: birds were chirping here too last week. Poor animals. For "rodeln" LEO says "to coast, to luge, to toboggan". I know the sport is called luging or something like that. Toboggan is such a cool word. Never heard of that for sure.

  3. EMail about "The Prestige"? Erm, I'm not sure I got that one. Must have overlooked it (not that I get that much mail, but anyway). Sorry, sorry.

    About the movie recs: hey, give me a break! Yes, Babel is also a great movie. But as I said The Fountain was "Perhaps the best movie I've seen in a long time". I still mean that and I don't see a contradiction to what ever I said about Babel.
    Wellll, anyway. You're free to ignore my rants, you know.


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