Sonntag, 14. Januar 2007

My thoughts on The Prestige

As I mentioned before, I saw CB’s latest film The Prestige last weekend and enjoyed it a lot. Strangely enough, Christian (who’s been in a lot of period films, such as Portrait of a Lady, Little Women, Newsies, Swing Kids, A Midsummer Night’s Dream) to me in some scenes looked like a modern day person walking around in 19th century London. I blame that on the hair. It was quite short and spiky which looked, as I said, modern to me, which was slightly distracting.

The other slight problem I had – as mentioned in replying to continuitygirl’s comment on my entry before this one – was with the twist of the story, which was too obvious for me or, in other words, which I’d guessed pretty early on. I’m not usually like that and Christopher Nolan is IMO a very intelligent director, so I was a bit surprised I got it right. Ha, does it make you crazy now not to know what I’m talking about? As I don’t want to give it away, you’ll have to go see the film yourselves to find it out. Apart from this twist concerning Alfred (CB), there’s another one which has to do with Hugh Jackman’s character, but that’s not really a twist because you see when it’s first discovered. Um yeah, sorry if this doesn’t make much sense.

Another thing: the whole cast was very good, especially Michael Caine who is the narrator, sort of. Something that can be confusing is the way the story is told, i.e. the events are not shown in chronological order so you sometimes wonder what came when etc. But things do make sense in the end. So, on the whole, good film with slight imperfections but two very handsome and talented leading men.

Oh, and there were lots of trailers shown beforehand. Most of the films looked quite interesting, such as Breaking and Entering with Jude Law, Juliette Binoche and Robin Wright Penn. Don’t think I’ll go see it because Jude Law has an awful hair cut and looks really old and Juliette Binoche has a very strange accent (at least in German. Didn’t sound like the French accent you’d expect of her.).

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    Did you believe the whole thing about Tesla and the "magic" copying machine? I think that part of the story is a visualisation of what is found in the diary. And after that we learned, that the whole diary (-ies, in fact) are fake. So, maybe the whole story about teslas machine is made up, to keep up the mystery of the transported man.
    Both of them had one identical twin, right? But then - what is the ending scene all about, all those dead in the tanks? Does the film really want to tell us, Teslas transporter worked? I thought, it is the "prestige" of the movie, you don't reveal the trick, keep up the illusion, although everbody knows there has to be a trick.
    Nah. Something like that. What did you think about the ending scene and the whole Nicola Tesla stuff?


    Anyway, nice weather outside, eh? Did you see any flying cows or trees already?

  2. I'll move that discussion to e-mail, okay? I'll try to answer asap.

    The storm scared me so I went home at 3 yesterday. It wasn't that bad here, though.


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